Can I Use my B&G Sprayer to Spray Bleach?

Can I Use my B&G Sprayer to Spray Bleach?

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 22, 2017

Can I use my B&G Sprayer to spray bleach?

One quick look at these photos gives you the answer.  HELL NO!

A client recently came in needing B&G replacement parts for his B&G sprayer.  He told us he used the B&G Sprayer to spray bleach.  The bleach turned the brass green and ate through the B&G Valve Extension.  Interestingly, it disolved the brass at the weakest point.  The weakest point on the B&G spray valve is at the bottom of the curve where the B&G Cable rubs against the brass.

The bleach also ruined the B&G Pump Tube Cylinder.  It turned the brass cylinder completely black and made it unusable.  If this weren't such an expensive problem, it was a very interesting experiment that you do not need to repeat.

Please shop for B&G Sprayers & B&G parts.  Keep a backup on hand for emergencies.