B&G Electric Backpack - Great Tool for your Business

B&G Electric Backpack - Great Tool for your Business

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 3, 2018

B&G Electric Backpack PestPro Power 4

This is a great tool from the leader in the pest control equipment business.

Made for professionals.  Wand is completely rebuildable.  Comes with 2 batteries!

PestPro Power 4 features

  • • 4 Way perimeter tip designed specifically by B&G for Professional PCO's
  • • Brass application wand with B&G XR Valve
  • • Spare back-up battery comes standard - That's right. 2 Batteries!
  • • Harness straps provide all day comfort
  • • Removable tank filter for easy maintenance
  • • Heavy duty hose
  • • Up to 60 gallons of dispersal per battery charge
  • • Pin-stream setting provides 28’ vertical treatment capability
  • • Low vibration diaphragm pump

Check out this short video:

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Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment and Spray, Today I am talking about the B&G PestPro Power 4 Electric Backpack. This is a beautiful piece of equipment. We're proud to represent B&G and offer this backpack to our customers. It's got some vast enhancements over some of the other products in the market.

First of all, it's by B&G, so we've got a great company that's been in the pest control business for over 50 years standing behind it. We have parts, we can service it. Probably the most important thing is it come with this XR valve, the B&G XR valve, which is completely rebuildable -- we do stock the kit for this -- plus the B&G 4-Way Tip that everyone knows and loves.

A couple of other features. Again, it is electric. It is rechargeable. It comes with two batteries, which is amazing. Most companies want to charge an extra 100 bucks for the second battery. This comes with the second battery. You've asked, and I'll just tell you, there is not a car charger at this time. It must be plugged into a 115-volt outlet.

A couple of other features. It's got this beautiful, heavy-duty, padded harness to make this much more comfortable. It's got a carrying handle. This actually serves two purposes. One, it's easy to carry, and two, you can lock it. It also has a filter basket with a gasket on it so you can prevent debris from getting into your sprayer. It's a beautiful, heavy-duty unit. We recommend it highly.

Please check out the B&G Electric Backpack at Thanks for watching.