Industry Standard - B&G One Gallon Sprayer

Industry Standard - B&G One Gallon Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 3, 2017

Viewed as the industry standard the  B&G N124-S18 sprayer is a wonderful piece of equipment. Build to withstand harsh chemicals it has a stainless steel tank, all brass pump-valve, brass spray wand and brass valve. There are 4 different tips available and is widely known to be completely rebuildable. 

QSpray carries every part you would need to  repair or rebuild your B&G sprayer. Some helpful tips during use of the B&G Sprayer we have are to remember to release the pressure at the end of each stop. Leaving the unit under pressure will shorten the life of your sprayer. We also recommend cleaning the sprayer out once a week, triple rinse the tank and then run clean water through the whole system to flush out the harsh chemicals. Get yours at today.

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess from Quality Equipment and Spray and Today I'm going to talk about the B&G 1‑Gallon sprayer with the 18" wand, also known as the B&G N124‑S‑18, 124 meaning one gallon, S‑18 meaning the length of the wand.

Most pest professionals know this is the industry standard. It's a wonderful piece of equipment, really well‑built, stainless steel tank, all‑brass pump valve. Then on the handle we've got a brass valve and we've got a brass spray wand and a 48 tip with four different tips in it. Of course, as you know, or most pest professionals know, this is completely re‑buildable.

At, we stock all parts for this unit. If you ever need any parts, please give us a call or visit us at

Couple quick tips. We recommend you release the pressure at the end of every stop. Don't put the unit under pressure. It will extend the life of your sprayer.

We recommend you keep the unit clean, so once a week, make sure you get all the chemical out and triple‑rinse the tank, run clean water through the whole system. Then once a year you're going to do your preventative maintenance, and those three items will help you get a many years of valuable use out of your B&G 1‑Gallon sprayer.

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