Tips for B&G Sprayer  — Visit Us Now to Read More

Tips for B&G Sprayer — Visit Us Now to Read More

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 28, 2019

Tips to save money on your B&G Sprayer:

Tip Cleaning – Follow manufacturer directions for cleaning tips. This usually includes using a soft bristle brush and mild cleaner. Wire brushes, pins, pocketknives, etc. will destroy tips. By destroy tips I mean damage or alter the spray pattern, change (probably increase) flow rates,

Tip Wear – One study reported that brass tips wear out at about 10% per year. (Source: “Application of Pesticides in Professional Pest Control” by Cecil Paterson and William Robinson of the B&G Equipment Company and Spraying Systems Company). Every year the tip outputs 10 percent more chemical, which is an involuntary increase of chemical costs. If the pattern wears out, the chemical could be applied where it isn’t intended. Replacing tips is cheaper than using worn tips. A new B&G Tip is about $20, which is cheaper than a 10% increase in your chemical costs.

  • - Prevent Downtime - Keep the old tip as a backup. Store in the vehicle in your emergency repair kit.
  • - B&G Sprayer 4-Way Tip – is great if you use multiple spray patterns. If you only use 1 or 2 of the patterns, substituting industry available Spraying Systems parts is cheaper and easier. See the 2 photos.   

The 1st shows the typical B&G 5850 Tip Assembly (modified assembly, tip, retaining ring). This tip assembly is about $40 in parts.             

B&G 5850

The 2nd photo shows how to use industry standard parts to replace the B&G tip. The modified assembly is removed. All that is needed is the tip and the retaining ring. This tip assembly is about $10 in parts.  


B&G Sprayer replacement tip

  • It’s a Spray Wand not a Crowbar – Our repair shop sees many B&G spray wands and tips that are damaged from opening cabinet doors, being dragged on the ground and other inappropriate uses. 

    B&G Sprayer valve extension

  •  Secure your B&G sprayer in the truck. Lots of B&G sprayers get damaged from rolling around in the back of the vehicle or being crushed by other unsecured equipment.

Keep a Backup.  If your B&G is important to your business, it is critical to keep a backup.  I would keep a backup tip in the vehicle and a backup B&G at the shop.  You don't have to buy new, just keep your old tip when you replace it.  Same with your old B&G.  Keep it as a backup so you have it if you need it. You will need to periodically test it to make sure it works when you need it.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Greess - Pest Control Equipment Expert

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B&G sprayers are an invaluable tool for pest control professionals. Your B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer is a well-built piece of equipment, but it requires maintenance. Since this is a relatively slow time of year for many pest professionals, it is a great time to do your B&G maintenance.

B&G Sprayer Maintenance 

Here are some photos that demonstrate how importance B&G Pest Control Sprayer maintenance is.

B&G Sprayer check valve swollen to twice normal size.

B&G Sprayer filter totally clogged.

B&G Sprayers - Watch your Chemical Costs!

Just read an interesting article on B&G Sprayers (see attribution below). B&G equipment experts report that the brass spray tip on the B&G 1 gallon sprayer experiences 10% nozzle wear each year. This means after 1 year, your B&G sprayer is putting out 10% MORE CHEMICAL than it did the year before.

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer - Clean Those Filters

It is important to ensure a long life for your Birchmeier backpack sprayer. The best way to do this is to check and clean your filters every day.

On every Birchmeier there are two filters. One filter is in the tank. The other is in the spray valve (the handle as you might call it). If these filters get clogged, they will not perform at the level needed or they may not spray at all. This could cause you precious time and money.

B&G Sprayers – Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot!

When it comes to B&G Pest Control Sprayers , I have shared my two cents worth of advice:

  • Clean it out
  • Don’t over-pressurize it
  • Release the pressure after each stop
  • Keep it well lubricated
  • Perform preventative maintenance.

Your B&G Sprayer is a critical business tool. A little care goes a long way toward profitable results.

Please share your B&G tips and comments.