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Hypro D50 Pumps & Parts

Hypro D50 Pumps & Parts

The Hypro D50 diaphragm pump is an extremely versatile pump that is compatible with the application of  pesticides, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and many other hard-to-handle fluids. With an efficient  power sprayer, this pump can take on a variety of pest control, agricultural, and industrial applications. The D50 has a maximum flow of 14 GPM and a maximum pressure of 580 PSI.

This pump features a wide array of different flows and pressures and its premium design ensures a long lifespan and reliable operation. Maintenance costs are low, and this pump is designed to operate and sustain very low wear. Additionally, the D50 works well with gas and hydraulic engines as well as PTOs.

For the best possible results, we recommend driving the pump with a Honda GX240 8.0 HP engine. We also recommend using the Hypro GS40GI Control Unit and the Hypro 9910-1642 Gear Box.

The Components and Parts You Need

In addition to the D50 pump, we have all of the Hypro D50 diaphragm pump parts you need to regularly maintain and repair it. Included in our inventory are diaphragm kits, O-ring kits, valve kits, dampener diaphragms, and repair kits.

We also carry the GS40GI Control Unit, which allows you to adjust the pressure levels easily. For your convenience, we stock the 9910-1642 Gear Box kit, which allows you to connect the D50 pump to a 1” horizontal shaft engine, such as the Honda GX240 8.0 HP.

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