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7560 8-Roller Pumps

The Hypro 7560 roller pump provides the pressure you need for your large-scale spraying operations. These roller pumps can be combined with gas engines, electric motors, and power sprayers to handle high volumes of fluids. Hypro’s pumps are built for maximum wear and are  resistant to chemicals. This means you can use them with many types of fluids such as herbicides, insecticides, emulsions, liquid fertilizers, and others.

The 7560 pumps feature a maximum flow of 22 GPM and a maximum intermittent pressure of 300 PSI, or a continuous pressure of 100 PSI.

Quality Equipment

We carry several models in the 7560 series, so you can choose a pump that meets your performance requirements and budget needs. As a highly effective, yet affordable cast iron piece, the Hypro 7560C roller pump is built for a high degree of wear.

The Hypro 7560N pump is the Ni-Resist model, which is designed to withstand even more wear. The Silvercast 7560XL can take the greatest amount of wear. We also have reverse pumps that work with gas engines, indicated by an “R” on the model number.

No matter what  model you choose, we have all of the spare parts you need to maintain your pump. We carry ball bearings, shafts, bases, and repair kits. We recommend always having a repair kit on hand, in case you need to replace your super rollers, O-rings, or Viton seals in a hurry.

Experts in Pest Control

At Qspray.com, we aim to be your top resource for pest control supplies. Our extensive  knowledge and experience in the field allow us to provide the highest quality products that are well suited to your professional requirements. We also carry a large selection of spare parts to help our customers efficiently save time and money. Check out our inventory and order your Hypro 7560 roller pump today.