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1700 5-Roller Pumps

The Hypro 1700 roller pump is a durable and powerful pump that is designed for a variety of agricultural and industrial spraying applications. The 1700 series has a maximum pressure of 200 PSI and a maximum output of 45 GPM. This pump has outstanding chemical resistance, and you can use it with insecticides, herbicides, emulsions , liquid fertilizers, aromatic solvents, and other fluids with  excellent results

The rotary action in the roller pump doesn’t require any check valves. This design also allows for positive displacement characteristics that result in less friction and a lower starting torque.

Equipment You Need

We have several 1700 models to match your budget and performance requirements. We carry the Cast Iron model (1700C), the Ni-Resist model (1700N), and the Silvercast (1700XL) model. The Silvercast model is built with durability and reliability in mind but keep consider that all of our pumps are built for a heavy amount of repeated use. As such, the Cast Iron model remains an excellent investment. We also have models that feature a reversed rotary action, which are indicated with an “R” in the model name.

We supply all of the essential parts you need to repair and maintain your roller pumps. We carry ball bearings, shafts, bases, and repair kits for your convenience. We recommend having these items on hand so you can keep your investment working long term, without any delays .

Pest Control Experts

The experts at Qspray.com know pest control best. That is why we carry the finest  equipment and components on the market. We are here to support pest control professionals, and provide all of the spare parts you need to keep your equipment in peak shape. Shop with us and save money, while maximizing your productivity. Order your Hypro 1700 roller pump today.