Birchmeier Offers Quality Replacement Parts

Birchmeier Offers Quality Replacement Parts

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 17, 2022 proudly carries Birchmeier pest control products. Birchmeier is one of the most respected names in the pest control equipment industry. Birchmeier backpack sprayers make up some of the best manual equipment on the market, and they are designed for years of reliable operation with regular maintenance.

Qspray carries a huge selection of Birchmeier sprayer parts so you can keep your backpack sprayer working like new while saving you money in repair fees. We carry replacement jugs, shoulder straps, spray guns, lid gaskets, adjustable spray nozzles, air chambers, sprayer handles, hose assemblies, spray shields, lid filters, trigger valve assemblies, valve kits, pump handles, grease, gasket sets, and much more.

Birchmeier Repair Parts - Gaskets & O-Rings

Your Birchmeier backpack sprayer is quality equipment, but with wear even the best gaskets and valves need replacement. We at QSpray recommend keeping a set of replacement gaskets and valve for each backpack sprayer you have. A small price to pay in advance, to ensure that should something need replacement immediately, it's on hand and easily fixed. Downtime waiting for a small part is costly and unnecessary. Think ahead and order replacements for your Birchmeier backpacks today from

The Birchmeier Lid Gasket

The Birchmeier backpack sprayers are high quality. But even with the highest quality products, parts occasionally need to be replaced from general wear and use. The lid gasket at the top of the backpack seems to be one of the parts replaced more frequently. For a few extra dollars, we think it's worth having a couple extras always on hand to be replaced when they are needed. It's a small but important piece in the sprayer assembly. Avoid unnecessary and costly work stoppages by thinking ahead and being prepared. At we carry the replacement lid gaskets and all Birchmeier replacement parts and repair kits you may need.

Birchmeier Backpack Spray Valve Repair Kit

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers are top of the line quality but nothing lasts forever without maintenance. We have pre-assembled kits that help for various areas of the sprayer that need regular care and o-rings that wear out with use and products.

This kit contains a number of important items. It contains the strainer, or filter, that goes in the handle. It also contains the steel valve that shuts the flow of material off and on. Lastly, it contains the packing that helps the valve shut off the flow. For landscapers we also carry the kit with Viton gaskets that will last longer against the harsher products used.

Before your sprayer starts leaking on your hands or customers homes, we recommend annual replacement of the spray valve, get yours at Qspray today.

Keep Your Birchmeier Backpack in Top Working Order with Gasket and O Ring Repair Kits

At Quality Equipment & Spray we have all the spare and replacement parts for all the equipment we sell. Take the Birchmeier Backpack sprayer, a top of the line quality sprayer that we fully endorse, but even it needs replacement parts to keep it in great working order. For heavy users we recommend changing your gaskets/O-rings once a year before they start leaking.

We sell kits that come with all five O-rings on the pump assembly: the Flox, the Iris, the Senior and BCS will rebuild any Birchmeier backpack sprayer. For clients using herbicide or fertilizer in their backpacks we recommend buying the Viton rings since they are typically harsher chemicals.

Visit to order replacement gaskets and O-rings for your Birchmeier backpack sprayers today.

Birchmeier Backpack and Lord of the O‑Ring

For a long, productive, profitable Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer life we at QSpray suggest that you replace all the O-rings once a year. We carry two kits: Regular and Viton. Viton is for those who use weed control products in their sprayers. With regular or heavy use the o-rings are just a part that wears down over time.

Call it spring cleaning or winterizing your equipment it doesn't matter to us. But we suggest taking it apart, cleaning it all and then replacing all the o-rings/gaskets. It will keep your sprayer in top working condition and lessen the need for service repairs. Visit to order replacement kits for your Birchmeier sprayer today.

Birchmeier Backpack Rebuild Valve Repair Kit

There are important parts to your Birchmeier backpack sprayer and changing them out once a year to prolong the life of your pest control or lawn care sprayer. We advocate this as best practice to our clients. There are four replacement kits that can be found at The four parts are: valve repair kit, pump repair kit, check valve & grease. It's important to replace the spray valve kit.

The Birchmeier Spray Valve Repair Kit contains the gaskets, o-rings and filter that goes in the handle, the packing and of course the valve to shut off the spray. We recommend that heavy users replace out four areas once a year: the spray valve, the check valve, all the o-rings and add Birchmeier grease to the piston. Look for those and any other repair or replacement parts at

Keep Birchmeier Backpacks from Leaking with New Lid Gaskets

At QSpray, we stand behind Birchmeier backpack sprayers as our top choice for reliable products. But even top notch sprayers such as these have parts that wear down and need to be replaced to keep your sprayer in proper working order.

A top complaint we hear is "product is leaking out the top", it must be quite a shock when the tech bends down and feels the sudden, cold trickle on their back! Most often it’s the lid gasket inside the lid that has worn down and flattened, no longer creating a waterproof seal to prevent leaks. At Qspray we sell replacement lid gaskets along with many other kits to replace all o-rings on your Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer. We suggest have a few on hand if you have a fleet of sprayers and replace them annually to extend the use of your sprayer and reduce downtime.

Birchmeier backpack sprayers and replacements parts are sure to add even more convenience and extra functionality to your array of pest control equipment. Find all your Birchmeier sprayers and parts at