Birchmeier Repair Parts - Gaskets & O-Rings

Birchmeier Repair Parts - Gaskets & O-Rings

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 23, 2015

Your Birchmeier backpack sprayer is quality equipment, but with wear even the best gaskets and valves need replacement. We at QSpray recommend keeping a set of replacement gaskets and valve for each backpack sprayer you have. A small price to pay in advance, to ensure that should something need replacement immediately, it's on hand and easily fixed. Downtime waiting for a small part is costly and unnecessary. Think ahead and order replacements for your Birchmeier backpacks today from

Andrew Greess:, we have all your Birchmeier backpacks, repair parts, and kits to service your Birchmeier.

Today, I want to talk about the two main repair kits for the Birchmeier. There is the gasket set, which contains all the gaskets to repair the backpack sprayer, and then there is the spray valve repair kit, which is all the parts to repair the spray valve itself.

We strongly recommend keeping at least one of each of these in stock so you have when you need it. You don't want to be out of business because you didn't have the parts available. These are not that expensive and they're totally worth keeping on hand.

We recommend you order at least one of each so that you have the parts you need and you don't have downtime when your sprayer is leaking or not working properly. Visit us at Thanks for watching.