The Birchmeier Lid Gasket — Visit Us Now to Read More

The Birchmeier Lid Gasket — Visit Us Now to Read More

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 19, 2015

The Birchmeier backpack sprayers are high quality. But even with the highest quality products, parts occasionally need to be replaced from general wear and use. The lid gasket at the top of the backpack seems to be one of the parts replaced more frequently. For a few extra dollars, we think it's worth having a couple extras always on hand to be replaced when they are needed. It's a small but important piece in the sprayer assembly. Avoid unnecessary and costly work stoppages by thinking ahead and being prepared. At we carry the replacement lid gaskets and all Birchmeier replacement parts and repair kits you may need.

Andrew Greess: We've got all your Birchmeier backpacks, repair parts and replacement kits that you need to repair your backpack, keep it in great running condition. I'm going to share a few tips.

One of the parts that seem to wear out frequently is the lid gasket. It goes inside the lid. We strongly recommend you keep one or two to these on hand. You don't want chemical dripping out of the backpack covering your backpack in chemical and getting on your back.

For a few dollars, keep one on hand. You'll never experience any downtime for this reason. It's really a smart thing to do, the tank lid gasket.

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