Keep Birchmeier Backpacks from Leaking with New Lid Gaskets

Keep Birchmeier Backpacks from Leaking with New Lid Gaskets

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 3, 2016

At QSpray, we stand behind Birchmeier backpack sprayers as our top choice for reliable products. But even top notch sprayers such as these have parts that wear down and need to be replaced to keep your sprayer in proper working order. 

A top complaint we hear is "product is leaking out the top", it must be quite a shock when the tech bends down and feels the sudden, cold trickle on their back! Most often it’s the lid gasket inside the lid that has worn down and flattened, no longer creating a waterproof seal to prevent leaks. At Qspray we sell replacement lid gaskets along with many other kits to replace all o-rings on your Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer. We suggest have a few on hand if you have a fleet of sprayers and replace them annually to extend the use of your sprayer and reduce downtime.

Learn more: watch the video and/or read the transcription below:

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew with Today I'm talking about the Birchmeier backpack. One of the maintenance issues we see frequently is our customers will say, "My backpack's leaking. It's dripping down my back."

Oftentimes that means that the lid is malfunctioning. There's really only a couple things that can go wrong with the lid. The lid actually has three parts. There's the actual lid, there's the lid gasket that goes around it, and then there's the flutter valve in the center that allows air in when you're pumping.

This is what they look like. This is the flutter valve and this is the lid gasket. Frankly, the lid gasket is the one I want to talk about. This is the part that usually goes bad first.

What happens is it wears out or it gets flattened out, and it no longer creates a waterproof seal and when you lean over, on particular when your backpack's full, you can have water or chemical dripping down your back.

We really recommend you keep an extra one or more of these handy. If you have a fleet you want to keep several of them handy, because you don't want to be down if you don't have the lid gasket.

Birchmeier lid gasket is just a soft rubber gasket, but it can really help you in doing your job. Keep a couple of them on hand. Come see us at Thanks so much for watching.