Keep Your Birchmeier Backpack in Top Working Order with Gasket and O Ring Repair Kits

Keep Your Birchmeier Backpack in Top Working Order with Gasket and O Ring Repair Kits

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 2, 2016

At Quality Equipment & Spray we have all the spare and replacement parts for all the equipment we sell. Take the Birchmeier Backpack sprayer, a top of the line quality sprayer that we fully endorse, but even it needs replacement parts to keep it in great working order. For heavy users we recommend changing your gaskets/O-rings once a year before they start leaking. 

We sell kits that come with all five O-rings on the pump assembly: the Flox, the Iris, the Senior and BCS will rebuild any Birchmeier backpack sprayer. For clients using herbicide or fertilizer in their backpacks we recommend buying the Viton rings since they are typically harsher chemicals. 

Visit to order replacement gaskets and O-rings for your Birchmeier backpack sprayers today.

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray and Today, I'm going to talk about one of our repair kits for the Birchmeier backpack.

This is the O‑Ring repair kit or the gasket repair kit. It contains all the gaskets and O‑rings you need to repair the pump assembly on any of the Birchmeier backpacks, and that includes the Flox, the Iris, the Senior, and the BCS. It's just one kit, rebuilds all those backpacks.

A couple of comments. One is, for regular users, we think you should be replacing your O‑rings once a year. We think you should be proactive. Don't wait for the things to start leaking. Then you'll lose a day's work. When it's leaking, you have to go change the O‑rings. Once a year, tear it down, clean all the parts, get rid of the O‑rings, replace the O‑rings with the gasket repair set.

For landscapers or anyone using herbicides, or fertilizers, or anything like that that can be hard on the backpack, we also have this set in a Viton option. It costs a little bit more, but again, for some of those harsher chemicals, we recommend Viton.

Do your preventative maintenance on your Birchmeier backpack, and look for that O‑ring and gasket set. Thanks for watching. Please visit us at