Termite Pretreat Wand

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Qspray Termite Pretreat Wands


- Perfect Fan Pattern (Spraying Systems Brass Fan Tip)

- No Wasted Chemical

- Lightweight Aluminum Handle

- Ergonomic 45 degree angle - comfortable to use - Less fatigue

- Heavy-duty, durable construction


We custom build these to your specific requirements and application.

There are so many possible combinations, we can't offer them directly on the website.

Please email us  or call us (602.371.1993).  We will take a few minutes to understand your requirements then we can prepare a quote for you.


Some things to consider:


Pipe Size (1/2", 3/4", 1")

Pipe length (in feet or inches)

Pipe end type (e.g., quick disconnect, ball valve, hose barb, pipe thread, etc.) 


Product Videos

B&G Versagun Termite Rod Kit 01:33 The B&G Versagun Termite Rod Set is the most popular of B&G termite rod sets. It comes with three different lengths stainless steel rods: 12 inch 7/16", 40 inch 7/16" and 40 inch 5/8" all with the garden hose fitting that screws right into the valve on the Versagun making rod changes quick and easy. For the smaller pipes, the set comes with a foot ram assembly to avoid putting force down on the top of the pipes, potentially bending them during application. Four tips [3 for the 7/16" rods and one for the 5/8" rod] and a splash guard for use on the 7/16" rods completes the kit. Not only does QSpray carry this Termite Rod set but we also carry all the parts that you'd need to repair the equipment and we also carry many more application tips that are available for these sprayer rods.

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