Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Flushing Solution UFS S-9481

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Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Fogging Solution UFS S-9481

1 Gallon Can

Ready to use flushing solution for all thermal & non-thermal ULV Fog Applicators. 

Protect your Fogger investment and keep your unit clean and in great operating condition.

Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Fogging Solution has been formulated to assist in cleaning & flushing formulation tanks and lines of residual product and impurities that may exist in manufactured products.  Use in your Curtis DynaFog Fogger to reduce service issues that will affect flow rates and results.

Can also be used in B&G Foggers and Portable Aerosol Systems.  When using in B&G PAS, flush unit with water after using UFS.

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Download Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Flushing Solution UFS S-9481 Safety Data Sheet / MSDS




Product Videos

Qspray - Curtis DynaFog Hurricane Aerosol Applicator 01:03 The Curtis DynaFog Hurricane is a beautiful and powerful piece of equipment. The Dynafog Hurricane was designed to be portable, with a low-profile tank that makes tipping virtually impossible. Handle and on/off switch located at the top so you can control where you spray the Oil or Water based product. The solid brass adjustable metering valve accurately and consistently delivering the optimal output every time. The Hurricane can deliver disinfectants, germicides and insecticides and is used in locations such as hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, greenhouses and schools. For quick, powerful applications when chemical treatment is needed we recommend the made in America Curtis Dynafog Hurricane, get yours from today. #curtisdynafog #pestcontrolfogger #curtishurricane #hurricanefogger

Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Flushing Solution UFS S-9481

Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Flushing Solution UFS S-9481

MODEL: BG S-9481


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