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225 Gallon Dual Reel Utility Bed Mounted Weed Spray Rig

Posted by Andrew Greess on

NIce weed control sprayer mounted in a utility bed for a landscape client.

225 Poly Leg Tank

Honda Engine

Hypro 8-Roller Pump

Dual Cox Hose Reels - for maximum productivity

utility bed landscape sprayer

We mount the reels on the toolbox to save bed space.  

This is a component mount sprayer.  There is no frame/skid.  For this application, the frame adds almost no value so we bolt directly to the vehicle (component mount sprayer) to save cost & weight.

Terrible Technician - Offends in So Many Ways

Thanks for Ryan S. for sharing this terrible technician horror story:      We had a technician at my prior company go to a customer's house for regular pest control service.The wife was at home by herself. The technician asked the customer where her husband was (he was at work). Technician stated that if he [...]

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Can I Use my B&G Sprayer to Spray Bleach?

Can I use my B&G Sprayer to spray bleach?One quick look at these photos gives you the answer.  HELL NO!A client recently came in needing B&G replacement parts for his B&G sprayer.  He told us he used the B&G Sprayer to spray bleach.  The bleach turned the brass green and ate through the B&G Valve Extension.  Interestingly, it disolved [...]

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400 Gallon Weed Spray Rig Designed for Maximum Productivity

We built this 400 Gallon Weed Control Spray Rig for Roadrunner Public Health of Albuquerque, NM. Roadrunner won the City contract to spray all the alleys in the City.  That's hundreds of miles of alleys.  They needed a Weed Control Sprayer that would allow them to quickly, productively and cost-effectively spray all those alleys.After a number of [...]

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Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer - Clean Those Filters

It is important to ensure a long life for your Birchmeier backpack sprayer. The best way to do this is to check and clean your filters every day. On every Birchmeier there are two filters. One filter is in the tank. The other is in the spray valve (the handle as you might call it). If [...]

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Pest Control Professionals: 5 Secrets to Taking Quality Diagnostic Photos

Qspray.com is pleased to introduce guest blogger and Wildlife Control Expert, Stephen M. Vantassel.  Stephen is the author of "The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook".   This is an invaluable resource to pest control professionals in identifying damage to structures, landscapes, and livestock.Good photos can be of enormous benefit to the identification of animal or pest sign [...]

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Replacing the Air Chamber on a Birchmeier Backpack

Andrew Greess, at Qspray.com, knows a thing or two about Birchmeier Backpack sprayers and all their parts. Not only does QSpray sell the products and parts, but they repair them as well. A part that sometimes wears down and cracks is the air cylinder. It is understandable as an extreme amount of pressure gets put into this piece, repeatedly.Occasionally, [...]

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Terrible Technician Requires Hygiene Policy

Thanks for Cory H. for sharing this terrible technician horror story:I had a technician who refused to wear deodorant and would hit the gym on his lunch break. He also had a headcold and would blow snot rockets, which, because he went to the gym so much, he had a big chest and they would [...]

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Cool Weed Control Spray Trailer for City of Phoenix Aviation Department

We recently delivered this beautiful 200 Gallon Weed Control Spray Trailer to the City of Phoenix Aviation Department.  Features:225 Gallon Poly Leg Tank (with hydrant fill and garden hose fill anti-siphons)Honda GX160 5.5 HP Engine (motor mount raised for easy oil changes & service)Hypro 7560XL 8-Roller Pump (lots of output for agitation and spraying)Cox Electric Hose Reel [...]

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