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Termite Super Foamer for Serious Termite Foaming

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Are you serious about Termite Foaming? Quit messing around with little baby termite foamers and check out the Qspray.com Termite Super Foamer.       

The super foamer truck mount system utilizes a 25 gallon chemical tank, a 115-Volt pancake compressor (the 12-volt compressors don’t have the power to do the job) as well as your termite pumps and motor.

Check out these videos ot see the Qspray termite super foamer in action. If you are a serious Termite Foaming Professional and would like more information please fill out our sprayer request form to schedule a consultation to understand your requirements.  If you do a lot of foaming, this unit will save you a ton of time.  If your only question is what is the price, it is not the right unit for you and you may be interested in our small termite foamers.

Heavy Duty Spraying Systems Pressure Relief Valve

Designed to control and limit the amount of pressure built up in a system, a pressure relief valve is key to keeping everything in working order. The  Spraying Systems 6815 PRV is heavy-duty and cost effective. Commonly found on gas powered systems the 6815 will give you many years of service but is completely [...]

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Mosquito Control - Protect Your Customers, Make Money

Here are a couple of recent PCT articles on mosquito control I hope you will find valuable.Mosquito Control: Important to Customers and Your BusinessRidding customers’ yards of these health risk-associated pests can be lucrative for PCOs.“As pest management professionals it’s our responsibility to look out for our customers, their pets and the environment from the [...]

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​Quality Equipment & Qspray.com are now Curtis Dyna-Fog Distributors

Phoenix, AZ. Quality Equipment & Spray, and its Professional Pest Control Products website, Qspray.com are approved full-line distributors of Curtis Dyna-Fog products. Additionally, Quality Equipment is approved as a qualified repair center for Curtis-Dyna Fog products.In addition to providing products, parts and repairs, Quality Equipment will offer online training on many Curtis Dyna-Fog products.Curtis Dyna-Fog provides industry-leading vector control pest [...]

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Birchmeier Backpacks - This Tip Will Make You Money

Birchmeier backpack sprayers are a great tool for pest and landscape professionals if used and maintained properly.           One of the most important tips we can offer you is to keep your Birchmeier Backpack well lubricated.  This is easy to do and takes almost no time. Conversely, if you fail to keep your Birchmeier [...]

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These 800% Sales Boost Tips Will Make You Rethink Your Online Strategy

I'm going to level with you, Pest Control:Is not sexy...but 800% growth with online sales is sexy!Is extremely competitive, especially online.Requires best practices to Outwit, Outlast and Outperform your competition.In this article I'm going share what few in your industry know to:1.Get a MAJOR competitive advantage.2.Grow online sales and leads by 250% or more.3.Be the next success story using a system [...]

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QSpray Helps Army Corps of Engineers in Nogales AZ Flood Control Efforts

Quality Equipment & Spray and BeeSuitsCheap.com were proud to assist in Nogales, AZ flood control efforts.Heavy monsoon rains in the Nogales area caused major flooding and threatened homes and businesses. The US Army Corps of Engineers was called in to assist in repairing and reinforcing flood control measures such as wash and river banks.The challenge is that prior [...]

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Having Trouble Building Pressure? Look at the Check Valve

The Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer is likely a key component of your business. Maintaining parts so it works properly and lasts a long time is good business practice. There are a handful of key parts we recommend replacing/cleaning once a year to keep proper working condition on your sprayer. The Check Valve is one of those parts.  The Check Valve allows you [...]

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Your Pest Control Equipment - Most Problems Are Avoidable

Owning, running or managing a pest control business is hard enough without shooting yourself in the foot with equipment issues. Yet that is what so many in the pest control business do. We estimate that way more than 50% of pest control equipment problems are completely avoidable.Pest control sprayers are used hard every day and exposed to harsh [...]

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What is the Valve Packing Part of Your B&G Sprayer

Parts wear down with use or where they come into contact with harsh weed or pest chemicals. One part that you will have to replace on your B&G sprayer is called the Valve Packing. They are small Teflon donuts that prevent leaking. But over time with use there is normal wear and tear on this part causing it eventually to [...]

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