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Common Sense Missing in Some Backpack Sprayers

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Time to clean the filter on your backpack sprayer! No worries just reach down into the main tank and grab that filter... ERH wait! They want you to put your hand into where there was just harsh lawn and pest control chemicals?! That is some of the bizarre design flaws we’ve actually seen on  professional spray equipment

What happens if your filter gets clogged after you’ve just put filled the sprayer? It always seems like they clog at the worst possible moment, not when it’s empty and you have no job to get to. Why would someone design a commercial spray equipment without an easily accessible filter? It’s a legitimate question, without any reason as to how it got through the design phase.

When you purchase commercial lawn spraying equipment, think through all the things that will be done with and to this sprayer. How will it be used? How will it be cleaned? How will parts be replaced ? If you can’t figure out the answer easily or you’d have to stick your hand into the tank where chemical was recently stored, then it’s our recommendation that you take a hard pass and find a better piece of equipment.

Stay tuned for the next video in the series on Talking to Experts in the Field

Andrew Greess: Here's another example of a backpack. This is an electric backpack. We actually used to sell this one until we realized that the filter was inside the tank at the bottom of the tank. If you wanted to clean the filter you had to reach your hand through the chemical to pull the filter off to clean it and then put it back in the chemical. We said, "You know, that's crazy."

When do filters get clogged and when do you have problems? Your filter gets clogged when you're using something. It doesn't get clogged on Christmas Eve when it's sitting in the corner. You got to think about this. This one caught us and so we learned our lesson.

Now, anytime a vendor brings us a new backpack they want us to rent, we, "Where's the filter? How do you clean the filter?" because that's a big one. I'm going to talk a lot about filters here shortly.

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