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Revenue Boosters - Looking to Grow Your Business?

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Looking to grow your business revenue?  Check out my recent article in PCT Magazine.

Our customers, mainly Pest Control & Landscape companies are always asking for ways to increase their revenues.  My recent article in Pest Control Technology (PCT) magazine shares some of the techniques that Qspray.com has used to grow our pest control equipment & landscape equipment online business.  

This article contains some great tips to boost your company revenue.

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I plan to do more articles and perhaps an online class on marketing and growing your business.  If you would like me to notify you when these are available, please fill out this short form:


B&G Electric Backpack - Great Tool for your Business

B&G Electric Backpack PestPro Power 4This is a great tool from the leader in the pest control equipment business.Made for professionals.  Wand is completely rebuildable.  Comes with 2 batteries!PestPro Power 4 features• 4 Way perimeter tip designed specifically by B&G for Professional PCO's• Brass application wand with B&G XR Valve• Spare back-up battery comes standard - [...]

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Birchmeier Backpacks - How to Protect Your Back

The Birchmeier Comfort Kit protects your back and saves your aching shoulders. If you use a BIrchmeier Backpack, and you are no longer 21 years old, consider the  Birchmeier Comfort Kit from Qspray.com.  This kit consists of 3 main components.  A waist belt that transfers much of the Birchmeier Backpack's weight from your shoulders to your hips, so [...]

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Oh The Hose Reel Problems We’ve Seen!

Bob Marley sang, “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” You might be fooled into thinking a few spot welds keeping your 100 pound hose reel suspended above your engine and pump will hold. But we know better. Eventually the normal wear and tear, thumping and [...]

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Spray Fittings and Tanks - The Right Small Spray Equipment Components Matter Too

One area often overlooked when building pest control equipment trucks or commercial lawn spray trucks is the small parts. People know enough to specify the big brands: Honda motor, Cox hose reel, Hypro pump, etc. but, often think the rest then doesn't really matter. I can show you for a fact in pictures that just [...]

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Choosing the Right Spray Equipment Engines, Backpacks, Pumps and Trailers

Sadly, most companies try to save money by buying the cheapest commercial lawn spray equipment. Now that’s okay if your overall plan is to use, abuse and toss it out! If your plan is to keep the equipment and rebuildparts when needed, then you need to invest first in quality equipment. It may hurt the [...]

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How to Change Out Birchmeier Backpack Straps

We sometimes get asked how to change out the straps on the Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers. To change out the straps, use the Birchmeier fixing key.  The Birchmeier fixing key is already on your Birchmeier Backpack.   You want to save the old fixing key to re-use it when installing new Birchmeier straps. Here is a quick video showing how [...]

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​A Culture of Safety and Professional Conduct – A Pest Control Company’s Goal

I am pleased to present this guest blog post about the importance of pest control training by Jason Stigall of Mobile Training Solutions. Impressing safe and professional habits into newly minted employees is paramount. It is our obligation as state certified people to thoroughly educate individuals coming into our industry and those broadening their licenses to work in other [...]

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B&G Sprayer Tips - Big Impact on Pest Control Chemical Costs

B&G Sprayer Tips - Big Impact on Pest Control Chemical CostsB&G Sprayer equipment experts report (see attribution below) that the brass B&G sprayer tip on your B&G 1 gallon sprayer experiences 10% nozzle wear each year. This means after 1 year, your B&G sprayer is putting out 10% MORE CHEMICAL than it did the year before.  I [...]

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B&G Spray Tips - Get the Right Tip for the Job

B&G Spray Tips - Get the Right Tip for the JobMost pest control professionals use a B&G in their daily route.  In my experience, most who use a B&G use the B&G Sprayer tip that came on the B&G.  In most cases, this is the B&G 5800 or B&G5800-CC tip.In many cases this makes sense.  These [...]

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