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Great Pest Control Marketing Can Be Free - Make Lemonade

Posted by andrew greess on

Great Pest Control Marketing Doesn't Have to Cost You a Fortune

Check out this great example from Kraft Heinz, which owns Country Time Lemonade.

great pest control marketing

Someone in their marketing department read an article about a little kid's lemonade stand that got shut down by the local police because the kids didn't have a permit.  Kraft did a little research and found out that this is a pretty common occurrence.

Kraft jumped into action.  The fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world with a market cap of $71 billion said it has created a “Legal-Ade” unit that is on hand to help kids and their parents fight any legal woes or fines associated with their lemonade stands.

A couple of great points.  The publicity they are getting from this is worth many millions of dolllars.  I googled it and there were over 1 million listings.  They increase the value of the publicity by titling it "Legal-Ade" again tying their product to the effort.   They are building tons of good will with the potential customers, and I bet their employees free pretty darn good about working for the company that supports kids like this.  

It is a WIN - WIN - WIN.  

They already have lawyers on staff so the out of pocket cost is probably pretty small.

(read full article here)

I read this and it struck me how easy it would be for pest control companies to do this.  Keep your eyes on the local paper and local news for people or families you can help, for example veterans.  You could do a pest control treatment on the weekend to help the family.  You would feel great, your employees would feel great and you would probably get some great press.  You could make an event out of it. Have your office employees barbeque lunch while you and your techs are working.  

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