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What are the Safety Risk Seminar Topics?

Posted by Andrew Greess on

A lot of times people become complacent in their jobs. They assume because they are there every day and there wasn't an issue previously that everything will continue to be fine the next. But that isn't true as we all know and we've got examples to prove it.

There are three main types of injuries and safety risks that occur in the pest/weed control sprayer industry: 

  • equipment security/truck load
  • acute injuries
  • chemical exposure or spills

All of these areas are an everyday risk to those working daily with pest/weed control spray equipment. So, when was the last time you gave all your equipment a once over to make sure everything is secure and in proper working condition?

Check out the next series of videos for real life examples of what NOT to do and how to minimize your risks.

Andrew Greess: So, what are the risks we're going to talk about?

First, I'm going to talk about equipment security and load stability, mostly truck issues. Then, I'm going to talk about acute injuries. These are things like what most people think about with safety, cuts and scrapes, burns, bangs, bruises, those sort of things. Whoops. 

The second thing I'm going to talk about. The third thing will be chemical, both chemical exposure to employee and chemical spills. I'm going to talk about back strain. I'm going to talk about job site risks. I've got examples for every one of these. 

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