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Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain With Expert Knowledge

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Andrew Greess, of Quality Equipment and Spray, wrote a book on the spray equipment industry. With over 100 years combined experience from our staff, this book is the best resource to guide you. Lean how to extend the life of your equipment, boost productivity and learn preventative measures for common problems in widely used pest and lawn control spray equipment. The value you will gain from this book, whether you have one truck or one hundred is worth cost and short amount of time it will take you to read it. 

I, Andrew Greess, guarantee you will learn something new from this book that you didn't know before. We've seen all sorts of equipment scenarios and want to help you avoid them experiencing them yourself, so "Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain" and order a copy at Qspray.com.

Andrew Greess: Hi. My name is Andrew Greess from Quality Equipment, Qspray.com. I am a spray equipment expert. In fact, I'm the guy who wrote the book on it.

This is the industry's best resource on pest control and landscape spray equipment. If you're serious about your equipment and you're serious about extending the life of your equipment, if you're serious about boosting the productivity of your pest and weed control spray equipment, you've got to get this book.

It's really a good value for the content and the value you'll get out of it. It's called "Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain." It's available at Qspray.com.

Please visit us. Thanks for watching.

High Pressure Shurflo 8000 Series Pump & Motor

The Shurflo 12-volt 8000 Series pump and motor is a lower volume but high-pressure pump. It is great for residential pest and lawn control applications. It's max 100 psi easily pushes through 300 feet of hose. This 8000 Series pump has two models one with a ½" female pipe threading and also a ½" male pipe threading. One great benefit of [...]

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Coolest Insect Photos Ever!

If you are fascinated by insects, and enjoy great insect photography, you have to check out this site. Levon Biss is an amazing English photographer who has taken up the art of microscopic photos of insects.  The process he goes through to photograph an insect is incredible.       Because of his skill and dedication, he has [...]

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Great Wide Beam Hands Free Flashlight

New to our QSpray inventory and it's making waves, light waves! The 375 Lumen Wide Beam hands free flashlight is small and bright. There is a heavy-duty clip that allows you to conveniently hook it onto your shirt for a hands-free work light and not have to worry about it bending or snapping. Smart and convenient [...]

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Pest Control Equipment - Is it Attached? Part 3

This is the 3rd and final article in this series on Pest Control Equipment Security.  The first article in this series focused on pest control power sprayer security issues.  This article focuses on the need to secure the smaller pest control equipment.As discussed in  first article on control equipment safety, unsecured equipment poses a risk to the [...]

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Landscape Equipment Safety - Is is Attached? Part 2

Unsecured weed & landscape equipment poses a risk to the driver, the equipment and other people on the road.  This is the 2nd in a series on spray equipment load security.  Landscape Spray Equipment that may be safe and secure under normal conditions may become a hazard in an emergency such as an accident, sudden braking, etc.Our [...]

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Pest Control Equipment - Is it Attached? Part 1

Pest control equipment load security is a critical safety issue. Equipment that is not secure poses a risk to the driver – flying equipment could injure the driver or interfere with his/her ability to control the vehicle.Other people on the road – equipment flying out of a vehicle going 60 miles an hour will do damage if it hits [...]

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Oberdorfer Brass Gear Pump for Pest Control Professionals

If you work in or own a Pest Control company and don't have an Oberdorfer N4000 in your equipment you should listen up. This is a quality gear pump that is simple and cost effective. The N4000 has a half and inch input and output and generally driven by the belts and pulleys of a Honda engine. Like all [...]

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Pest Control Equipment: If It is Critical, Back it Up!

Have you ever lost an important computer file that you really needed right now? I bet that each of us has experienced this situation. Hopefully, we learn from our mistake and start backing up our critical files. Pest (and landscape) Professionals have the same issue with their pest control equipment. We rely heavily on our equipment, yet in many cases, we [...]

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Termite Super Foamer for Serious Termite Foaming

Are you serious about Termite Foaming? Quit messing around with little baby termite foamers and check out the Qspray.com Termite Super Foamer.       The super foamer truck mount system utilizes a 25 gallon chemical tank, a 115-Volt pancake compressor (the 12-volt compressors don’t have the power to do the job) as well as your termite pumps and motor.Check [...]

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