The Pros and Cons of a Pull-Behind Sprayer

The Pros and Cons of a Pull-Behind Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 25, 2022

200 Gallon Weed Trailer with Boomless Nozzles

A pull-behind sprayer is a versatile and productive tool for your pest or weed control business. It can be used in a variety of pest and weed control applications, from residential gardens to commercial spaces, and is perfect for spraying weed-killer, insecticides, fungicides, and other liquid treatments. Whether you're a professional landscaper or gardener, a weed spraying business, or even one of those commercial pest control companies working with big clientele like hotels and resorts, pull-behind power sprayers are beneficial for your business.

To understand the versatility of pull-behind spray trailers, we'll be looking at some of their key benefits so that you can see just how handy this tool can be. This way, you can determine if a pull-behind sprayer is right for your pest and weed control business.

The Benefits

You Have Options When Needed

A pull-behind sprayer is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used with a variety of vehicles or by other technicians. Unlike a truck-mounted sprayer, which gives you no other options, a pull-behind sprayer can be easily detached and towed by another vehicle. This is critical when, for instance, your truck needs service or is involved in an accident. This flexibility matters when you're in the pest and weed control business.

You Can Better Deal With Emergencies

In case of emergencies, apull-behind sprayer can be a lifesaver. Whether you're dealing with a landscaping job, pests, or termites, having a backup sprayer on hand can make all the difference. And because any truck with a hitch can tow a pull-behind sprayer, you'll always have the equipment you need to get the job done. So next time you're facing an emergency, you'll be able to tackle the problem head-on.

You Have More Space for Your Equipment

A towable pest control trailer is a great addition to weed-spraying businesses or commercial pest control companies. With a larger water tank, you can perform more or larger jobs without having to stop to refill your tank, which is often inefficient and costly. Continually delivering services without downtime can determine your profitability on every job. A pull-behind sprayer also enables you to increase the volume and size of equipment you can bring along for jobs.

You Get to Save Your Personal Truck

The pull-behind spray trailer will save you from having to drive your personal vehicle everywhere with a power sprayer permanently mounted on the truck bed. For busy pest/weed control owners, this is an important consideration. When not operating your business and trying to take care of loved ones or do other things in life outside your job responsibilities - the last thing you want is driving around with a power spray rig.

Well, if you have a particular truck used exclusively for these purposes, then sure – but if it's your personal truck you have to leave sitting around doing nothing productive until next time, you might need to consider getting a pest control spray trailer.

You Enjoy More Flexibility When Placing Equipment

When it comes to placing the equipment you need for every job, you get more flexibility with a pull-behind sprayer or trailer as compared to a truck. When you have a power sprayer on a truck, you're bound to deal with lots of constraints, such as the bulging wheel wells, gas tank, and structural designs on the truck bed.

All these pose a challenge when it comes to placing equipment where you need it to be. However, for commercial pest control companies or any weed spraying business, a trailer is larger, more spacious, and more ideal in terms of accessibility, productivity, and even maintenance.

You Save Your Personal Truck from Serious Depreciation

You have spent money on buying your truck, and you want it to serve you as long as possible while still retaining its value. That's why pulling a pull-behind sprayer or trailer can be the best decision to make. Driving your truck around with all the equipment mounted permanently on its bed and drilling holes in the truck bed will decrease the vehicle's value from day one.

Not to mention the effect it has on its engine when you're transporting heavy loads like propane tanks and power sprayers. A trailer is the best way to pull these heavy items, thus saving your truck from serious depreciation.

The Downsides

While a pull-behind sprayeris a great idea in most instances, there are some downsides that you should know.


This is a major concern for those who have employees driving the trailer. Parking, backing up, and turning around in tight spaces are all more difficult with weed spray trailers behind them, which can lead to safety issues.


Hauling a large landscape or weed control spray trailer in traffic is less safe than not hauling a trailer. Stopping distances increase because of the additional weight. Your ability to maneuver to avoid a situation in front of you is reduced. Sometimes a low trailer is missed by other drivers. Once I was stopped at a light, and an idiot rammed into the trailer carrying the pull-behind sprayerI was towing. He said he didn't see it.

  • This is Important #1 - We recommend that spray equipment be installed on the trailer so that the trailer is slightly tongue heavy. This usually means placing the water tank over, then slightly forward, of the axle.
  • This is Important #2 – We recommend you contact your company insurance agent BEFORE purchasing a spray trailer to ensure you don't have any insurance-related issues or surprises.


Whether you're a small weed spraying business or one of the biggest commercial pest control companies around, the trailer is an additional cost that you would not have if you put the sprayer in your truck. In many cases, however, the trailer cost can be less than the depreciation you would incur on your truck if the power sprayer is installed directly on the truck.

Where Do We Store It?

enclosed trailer storage

Finding a place to store the pull-behind sprayer can sometimes be an issue. You will need a convenient, local, easily accessible location with good access to quickly back up to drop off or pick up your spray trailer. The best option is usually a garage or shed. If you don't have either of these, you may find a spot in your yard that is out of the way and will provide enough protection from the elements. Another option is to rent a storage unit. This can be a great solution if you don't have the space at your house. Just be sure to choose a large enough unit with easy access for backing up your trailer.


If you own a pull-behind sprayer, you may be concerned about theft. Unfortunately, these units are often targeted by thieves, even when they are properly secured. In fact, we have had numerous clients who have had their trailers stolen, despite taking precautions such as chaining them to a lamppost. There are a few reasons why pull-behind sprayers are such attractive targets for thieves.

  • They are easy to hook up and tow away.
  • They usually contain valuable equipment, such as pumps and hoses.
  • They can be sold for scrap metal or used to start a new business

If you want to protect your pull-behind sprayer from theft, it is important to take extra security measures, such as parking it in a garage or shed when it is not in use. You should also consider investing in a GPS tracking device so that you can quickly locate the unit if it is stolen.

Spray Equipment damage

Trailers bounce around a lot more than trucks, so damage to spray equipment is a common problem. The equipment can become damaged or bounce off the trailer if not carefully secured. Before driving off, lock the hose reels and power spray guns. In addition, be sure to check the equipment regularly for any damage that may have occurred during transport.

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A pull-behind sprayer is a must-have for anyone in the pest/weed spraying business, including residential and commercial pest control companies. It offers you flexibility, space, and efficiency - all of which are necessary when running a successful business. If you have been looking for a pull-behind power sprayer that suits your business size, budget, and operations, visit to learn more and pick the best model.

Our experienced experts are here to help you purchase the right power sprayer equipment and even design and set up the perfect trailer with all the components you need. Contact us today or request a sprayer quote.