Oberdorfer N4000 Bronze Gear Pump 1/2"

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Oberdorfer N4000 Bronze Gear Pump 1/2"


Corrosion Resistant Castings, Special Cast Bronze Gears, Stainless Steel Shafts & Fastenals,

Formed Ring Seal Packing, Heavy Duty Self Lubricating Carbon Bearings.

1/2" inlet & outlet - female pipe thread.

Pumps that have been installed are NOT eligible for return, refund or exchange. We do this to ensure all our customers receive pumps in brand-new, pristine condition.

Download Oberdorfer 4000 Manual/Spec Sheet


Oberdorfer bronze gear pumps are great pumps, but require periodic tightening of shaft packing to eliminate leaking around the shaft.  Be sure you understand this maintenance practice before purchasing.  Note: if the packing is tightened too much, repacking will be required.

Product Videos

Qspray - Oberdorfer N4000 Bronze Gear Pump 01:17 If you work in or own a Pest Control company and don't have an Oberdorfer N4000 in your equipment you should listen up. This is a quality gear pump that is simple and cost effective. The N4000 has a half and inch input and output and generally driven by the belts and pulleys of a Honda engine. Like all equipment use will eventually cause wear and tear. When your gear pump starts to leak simply tighten the packing nut an eighth of a circle turn, then back off a sixteenth. Generally speaking, you will get a year of work before that packing nut is turned all the way in and you must take apart the pump and replace with new packing. Widely used in the industry for its ease of use and highly effective. At you can find the gear pump and all replacement parts.