B&G Sprayer Maintenance - Do It Now When Slow

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 12, 2013

B&G sprayers are an invaluable tool for pest control professionals. Your B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer is a well-built piece of equipment, but this reliable sprayer requires maintenance. Since this is a relatively slow time of year for many pest professionals, it is a great time to do your B&G maintenance.

Here are some photos that demonstrate how important B&G Pest Control Sprayer maintenance is.

B&G Sprayer maintenance

B&G Sprayer check valve swollen to twice normal size.

B&G Sprayer filter totally clogged

B&G sprayer filter

These parts camen from B&Gs that were way past the time-frame for required maintenance. Both these problems caused downtime that resulted in missed appointments.

Some B&G Sprayer Preventative Maintenance Tips:

1. Clean the B&G tank out really well. Be sure there is no sediment or debris in the tank.

2. Run clean ware through the B&G to clean out hoses, fittings, tips, etc.

3. Use an old toothbrush and a little dish soap and water to clean the B&G Sprayer tip. Do NOT use anything sharp or metal to clean the tip. If the tip is worn, replace it. A new tip is cheaper than the chemical you will waste using a worn tip. B&G makes a variety of tips for different situations and applications.

4. Clean the filter. Replace the filter if it is in bad shape.

5. Take the sprayer apart. Clean everything and replace all worn parts. Here is a partial list of those parts: check valve, soft seat gasket, cup, packing, o-rings & gaskets.

If your B&G has some significant age on it, consider buying a new B&G and keeping the old one as a backup. If you think you will need a new B&G, it is better to buy it before you need it than to be stuck in the field without it.