B&G Sprayers - Watch your Chemical Costs!

B&G Sprayers - Watch your Chemical Costs!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 21, 2010

Just read an interesting article on B&G Sprayers (see attribution below).  B&G equipment experts report that the brass spray tip on the B&G 1 gallon sprayer experiences 10% nozzle wear each year.  This means after 1 year, your B&G sprayer is putting out 10% MORE CHEMICAL than it did the year before. 


What does this mean to the typical PCO?  It means that each year you use a B&G, your pest control  chemical costs will go up 10%!  The nozzle wears out at 10% per year, so the situation gets worse over time.  Unless you can train your technician to walk 10% faster while they are using the B&G to apply chemical, you're profitability will decline.   B&G suggests replacing the tip every 2 years. Some other tips:  clean your tip with a soft bristle brush.  It is ok to use a toothpick if needed but do not use metal such as knife or pin, which will damage the tip and spray pattern.  Clean your B&G perioidcally with a mild detergent.  Inspect and replace gaskets and o-rings as needed.

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Source:  Application of Pesticides in Professional Pest Control, By Cecil Paterson & William Robinson, B&G Equipment Company, Spraying Systems Company.