The Importance of Checking Your Rig and Proper Equipment

The Importance of Checking Your Rig and Proper Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 7, 2018

We can't say for sure that every time a rig with properly installed equipment is going to make it through an accident without coming unattached or leaking. But we can say that it's happened and that it gives your rig and equipment a better than average chance. It's basic logic, installed properly equipment will stay put. 

Now there are always factors that we can't know in accident situations but we have proof that a truck can roll over 3 times and a  rig that is bolted down and properly installed stays where it was bolted on. Also, amazingly no chemical or water leaked, which is surprising given that plastic lids are susceptible to breakage when given a beating. Just another reason to make sure your equipment is properly installed in the  bed of your truck. Check weekly on the main bolting system. Check daily for loosening nuts and bolts. 

Check on each job to make sure nothing is near a hot surface or will flop around once you drive away from a job. At Qspray we created a "Preflight Checklist" before techs drive away – email us today and get your techs in the habit of safety.

Our next video is the last in the Vehicle Equipment Safety group and talks about the very important topic of vehicle stability

This is the dream scenario. This was a customer of ours who got T-boned in an intersection. This truck rolled three times, and you can see, this our rig. Our rig held. This is the opposite of the nightmare scenario. This was properly secured and it held.

In fact, it didn't even spill any chemical, which surprised me because these plastic tanks, the lids are not watertight. They're designed to let air in so you don't have a vacuum, but no chemical spilled.

I guess the centrifugal force kept the water in or something, but we were very proud of the fact that this truck rolled three times and our equipment held, so check your equipment is my point.

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The Importance of Checking Your Rig and Proper Equipment

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