Rules for Spray Equipment Safety Seminar Discussion

Rules for Spray Equipment Safety Seminar Discussion

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 20, 2018

In this  video seminar Andrew Greess gives and shows us real examples of incidents that have happened to people in the  pest control and landscaping industries. There are some are tips for the employees as well as some for the employer. 

Depending on the equipment you use some of the information might not pertain to you directly but overall there is a lot beneficial information about things that regularly happen in this industry as well as easy solutions to help you avoid landing in the same or similar situations. We hope you take away some information that you can apply to your business and help ensure the safety of you, your employees and clients.

Andrew Greess: A couple of ground rules, number one, I'm going to share some photos that you're going to think look ridiculous, like this could never happen. We can't assume common sense, as you've heard the saying, "Common sense isn't all that common." These are actual, live examples, and I want you to take them seriously. We see them more than occasionally, so these are real risks. The other thing I want to mention is not everything I share is going to apply to you.

Some of these issues apply to the employees, some apply to the employer. Some apply to companies or organizations with one truck, some with multiple trucks. Some are a piece of equipment you may or may not have. Not everything's going to apply to you. Look for what works for you, and then, look for the things that you can do easily to reduce risk.

I'm not expecting anyone to implement every single thing I mention, but I think there'll be some easy things you can do to improve the safety for you and your employees. 

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