A Quick Check Can Keep You Out of Hall of Shame

A Quick Check Can Keep You Out of Hall of Shame

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 7, 2018

The daily grind can take its toll on the best of us. Traffic, late for jobs, equipment not working, what else could go wrong. But letting outside distractions get in our way is what leads to admission into our  Hall of Shame

Thinking, or better yet, not thinking about what might have changed in transit or maybe just not even thinking about that  backpack sprayer you just put down in the back of your truck is what leads to big and expensive problems. Melted backpacks, time off the job, cost of a new backpack and the embarrassment of missing something so obvious!  

A simple look around can save you money, headaches and keep you out of our "Hall of Shame."

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A quick check prevents problems. We have a technician hall of shame, and this is our masterpiece, our prize possession.

This was a technician who left his Birchmeier backpack too close to his Honda engine and went to go spray, and melted the backpack, spilled three or four gallons of chemical, and cost his company $250 for the backpack, plus he had to drive from where he was to our shop to get another one and drive back. 

A quick check of your equipment can prevent these kinds of problems, and that's the key point I want to leave with you.

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