Qspray now stocks Pumptec Pumps

Qspray now stocks Pumptec Pumps

Posted by andrew greess on Aug 31, 2019

Qspray now stocks Pumptec Pumps

Pumptec 12 Volt pumps and motors are a great choice for pest, weed, landscape, carpet cleaning and other applications.  

pumptec 12 volt pest control pump

Qspray not only stocks the most popular Pumptec Pumps but we also stock the replacement parts and kits.

Here is a sample of the Pumptec Pumps you can order at

Pumptec 80495 A112T 075 M15 Pump & Motor

Pumptec 212T 170 M20 Pump and Motor 80130

Pumptec 114T-075/M8215, 12V Pump & Motor 80290

Pumptec 350U-190/M8230, 12V Pump & Motor 80866

Pumptec 80326 114T SPRAY BASIC, 12V

Pumptec 80835 350U-190/M8230, SUB-ASSY

Pumptec X-6/M950, 12VDC Pump & Motor 81517

Pumptec X-6/M950, SUB-ASSY 81574

Order today.