Protek Tool Interrupter

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Protek II Tool Interrupter


  • Prevent damage to grounded metal pipes, conduits, and rebar while drilling for termite work
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 1-year Manufacturer's limited warranty
  • GFI circuit breaker for termite control professionals
  • Manufacturer's suggested list price is $329
  • Use with drills with grounded 3-prong plugs

Termite pest control often involves drilling into walls and concrete slabs, but hitting a sensitive object, such as grounded copper piping or post-tension cabling, can damage equipment and pose safety risks. This can be easily avoided with the help of the right equipment. The Protek II Tool Interrupter keeps your drilling work safe when tackling termites.


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Reliability & Durability

Protek Tools makes high-quality, durable gear, and the Protek II is no exception. The portable unit will instantly cut power to a drill if it senses that the drill bit is hitting grounded metal. This interrupter also features a GFI circuit breaker, which comes in handy for termite control professionals. Its heavy-duty construction and one-year manufacturer’s warranty ensure you’ll get the most from the Protek II Tool Interruptor.

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Don’t Drill Without One

The Protek II can prevent any major damage to grounded metal pipes, conduits, and rebar when drilling for termites.

Minimize safety risks, avoid damage, save money with the Protek II Tool Interrupter from Protek Tools. Get yours today.

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Product Videos

Qspray - How the Protek II can save you 00:42 Our pest control clients really like the Protek II Tool interrupter. A smart plug, if you will, simply plug the Protek II into the customer's existing wall outlet then plug your drill into the Protek. It has sensors to alert the technician when it's touched copper piping water lines or other pipes and immediately shuts off power preventing serious damage. At Qspray we understand neither you or your technicians can see through the walls to know where not to drill that is why we sell helpful products like this one. The Protek II will help save you costly emergency plumbing bills and avoid the headache that whole scenario could create. Order your Protek II and see what other helpful tools we carry at