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6500 6-Roller Pumps

Hypro 6500 Series roller pumps feature a maximum flow of 22 GPM and a maximum pressure of 300 PSI. These high power pumps are built for large power sprayers that can handle agricultural and industrial applications that require substantial coverage. The pumps can be directly coupled to gas engines and electric motors, and their high output allows for  the most efficient jet agitation. The rotary action of this pump does not require check valves, and the this  design results in less friction and lower starting torque.

Quality Equipment and Parts

The Hypro 6500 Series of roller pumps can sustain  a lot of wear in the field. They are  highly resistant to chemicals and designed to work with insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers, emulsions, aromatic solvents, and other fluids. We carry the Cast Iron (6500C), Ni-Resist (6500N), and the Silvercast (6500XL) models which offer different levels of wear resistance. We also have models with reversed rotary action, which are identifiable with the “R” next to their model numbers.

In addition to roller pumps, we have all of the parts you need to maintain them so you don’t have  any time downtime or extra cost to purchase  a new pump. We carry shafts, bases, ball bearings, and repair kits. A repair kit is especially useful to have on hand. This way you can fix a faulty pump quickly without   any wait time.  

Pest Control Experts

Qspray.com is the pest control store for professionals. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to  provide the best products and custom sprayers on the market. We  care about the productivity and profitability of our customers, and we  always carry the parts you need to repair and maintain equipment quickly. This allows our customers to save money and sustain reliable equipment on the job. Order your Hypro 6500 roller pump today.