Hannay C2 Roller Guide Assembly

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Hannay C2 4-Way Roller Guide Assembly

Hannay Heavy-Duty 4-Way C2 Hose Reel Roller Guides will extend hose life, protect your vehicle from hose rub damage, and make hose rollout much easier.

Includes Roller Guides, Mounting Bracket & Mounting Hardware. The paint color is Graphite.

The Hannay C2 roller guide assembly fits Hannay 1520 Series Manual & Electric Rewind Hose Reels.

Select correct size in Cart:

1520-17-18  holds 175' of 1/2" ID spray hose or 275' of 3/8" spray hose.  

1522-17-18  holds 200' of 1/2" ID spray hose or 300' of 3/8" spray hose.  

1526-17-18  holds 300' of 1/2" ID spray hose or 400' of 3/8" spray hose.  

NOTE: Includes Hannay C2 Roller Guide Assembly & Mounting Bracket, Nuts & Bolts ONLY.  Does NOT include reel, hose, etc.

Download Hannay C2 Roller Guide Installation Instructions

Download Hannay 1500 Manual Hose Reel Parts Breakdown

Download Hannay 1500 Hose Reel Product Specification Page 

Download Hannay 1500 Manual Hose Reel Installation & Maintenance Manual - coming soon

Product Videos

Qspray - Hannay C2 Roller Guides for 15XX 17 18 Hose Reel 01:12 Hannay makes quality hose reels, so it's no surprise that the roller guide is high quality assembly. This is a must have accessory for pest and lawn control professionals. The roller guides help keep the hose in front of the reel so when you need a little more length you don't have to worry getting the hose pinched between the reels, damaging your hoses and trucks over time. They made the roller guides in a variety of sizes so make sure you are ordering the right length for your hose reels. Our Hannay roller guides come with the mounting brackets, cross member and mounting hardware. Qspray has taken then time to package the whole assembly as one, opposed to the manufacturer that you have to order each assembly part separately. We want to make sure you get top of the line service with each piece of equipment you purchase from #hannayrollerguides

Hannay C2 Roller Guide Assembly, 4-Way Rollers

Hannay C2 Roller Guide Assembly

MODEL: Hannay C2 Roller Guide


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