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Finance Your Sprayer. Save Your Cash.

We offer 3 easy options to finance your purchase.

Lease - Using Your Business Credit

Got business credit? Finance your sprayer using business credit though Marlin Equipment Finance.

Lease - Using Your Personal Credit

Still building business credit? Finance your sprayer using person credit though Western Financial.

Paypal - 6 Months Same as Cash

Just need a little extra time to pay? Finance your sprayer with PayPal's 6 month, same as cash program.

Here at Qspray, we know how important it is for small businesses to manage cash flow. We also know that investing in quality spray equipment is always a good decision. To help you get the quality sprayer you need, without emptying the bank account, we offer 3 easy financing options.

Questions? Feel free to reach out.

Paypal Credit - 6 Months Same As Cash

For Spray Rig Purchases

EMAIL US and we can prepare your invoice through Paypal. When you receive your invoice, you will see GET MORE TIME TO PAY and your can apply for the 6 months same as cash option.

For Online Purchases Through Qspray Shopping

Add your items to the cart and click the PayPal Credit button. Please see the below screen shot for reference:

Paypal makes a decision right away. Once you are approved, they pay us and we ship your goods. Easy Peasy.

Questions? Feel free to reach out.