Cox 7425 Pinion Gear

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Cox 7425 Pinion Gear for 4-1125 Electric Series Reels

Product Videos

Cox Electric Hose Reel Side Disc 02:02 Over the life of owning a Cox Hose reel you may find you will need to replace the side disc or maybe you decide to upgrade from a manual model to an electric model. Many clients are hesitant at first, but after purchasing the electric and experiencing the ease of pushing a button and having your equipment wound onto the reel they have no regrets. Andrew Greess explains how the disc can shift with use, if weight isn't evenly distributed across the reel and why it will chew away the gear teeth. That is why it is important to routinely inspect your equipment and ensure proper usage. Visit Qspray for all your replacement part needs or if you are ready to upgrade your manual hose reel to an electric model.

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