Request a QuoteModel:QES50E-BC Our Bora Care Sprayer is designed for Borate application on a professional scale. The 50 gallon tank and Pumptec 12-volt pump are sized for large volume production schedules - treat 40,000 - 60,000 feet per day with this highly productive sprayer. This is the only Bora Care Sprayer with a HEATER to keep the Bora Care blended. Prevents the crystalization that occurs with most other units, particularly in colder climates. Comes complete with 300' of 3/8" chemical hose and Green Garde spray gun.

boracarerig1.jpg50 Gallon Poly Tank, Pumptec 112 12-Volt Electric Pump & Motor, Heating Element with Radiator tie in hose, Brass Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Gauge, Cox Reel with 300' 3/8" Chemical Hose, Green Garde Spray Gun with Wand Extension, Quick Disconnects.
js640-boracareheater2.jpg.w180h1211.jpgAluminum Heater Unit in tank keeps material blended and prevents crystalization, so Bora Care can be easily applied. Complete with 25' of hose to easily tie into your vehicle's radiator.
js640-boracarepumptec2.jpg.w180h2401.jpgPumptec 112 Pump, Spraying Systems Brass Pressure Relief Valve, Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge. This configuration requires less maintenance, is easy to clean, and provides a more consistent application. This makes you MORE PRODUCTIVE!


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