Is Greasing Your Birchmeier Backpack Important?

Is Greasing Your Birchmeier Backpack Important?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 24, 2022

As a spray equipment expert, I am want to help people get the most out of their spray equipment. Maintenance it extremely important, even with top notch products like Birchmeier sprayers, regular maintenance is needed. 

Here we are discussing the importance of greasing the Birchmeier sprayer.  Birchmeier Grease

Birchmeier Backpack Grease "Keeps it a Well Oiled Machine"

"Like a well oiled machine" is a common idiom used often to describe how something is working. Here at QSpray we highly recommend Birchmeier Backpack sprayers and to keep them maintained and working properly, you literally need to keep it well oiled. It's important that the pump always have grease.

For heavy users we recommend turning the grease piston every week to keep grease on the pump. When the screw is all the way in, you need more grease. We sell the Birchmeier Grease at, simply glob some into the area and screw back in the piston. We sell this and many other Birchmeier Backpack sprayer accessories at, visit us today.

Greasing Your Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer

Ensure the long life and great productivity of your Birchmeier backpack sprayer by applying grease to it on a regular basis.

This grease cap covers the grease reservoir. How often you grease your Birchmeier depends on how much you use your pest control backpack sprayer. Watch the full video for details on how to apply the grease properly. Then, make sure you buy authentic Birchmeier grease. You can buy it from QSpray at

Birchmeier Backpacks - Lubrication is Critical

Want your Birchmeier Backpack to last? Keep it well lubricated. There is a grease reservoir that holds the grease and a grease cap (piston) that applies the grease to the pump unit. Turn the grease cap a half turn once a week or so to keep the Birchmeier lubricated. Failure to do so will damage the backpack. One sign of inadequate lubrication, is that the backpack is difficult to pump.

We have seen several backpacks that were still in the warranty period, but where the metal frame had snapped at the tab that attaches the frame to the backpack. Birchmeier has refused to warranty these issues, stating that the units were inadequately lubricated.

Click on the following link for the Birchmeier grease specifically for the Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers.

Birchmeier Backpacks - This Tip Will Make You Money

Birchmeier backpack sprayers are a great tool for pest and landscape professionals if used and maintained properly.

One of the most important tips we can offer you is to keep your Birchmeier Backpack well lubricated. This is easy to do and takes almost no time. Conversely, if you fail to keep your Birchmeier sprayer lubricated, there is almost a 100% chance of doing major damage to the sprayer.

Birchmeier grease and maintenance kits will keep you backpack sprayers running. Find them here:  Birchmeier Grease

Birchmeier is one of the most respected names in the pest control equipment industry. Birchmeier backpack sprayers make up some of the best manual equipment on the market, and they are designed for years of reliable operation with regular maintenance. is proud to carry Birchmeier pest control products.