Birchmeier Backpack Grease "Keeps it a Well Oiled Machine"

Birchmeier Backpack Grease "Keeps it a Well Oiled Machine"

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 1, 2016

"Like a well oiled machine" is a common idiom used often to describe how something is working. Here at QSpray we highly recommend Birchmeier Backpack sprayers and to keep them maintained and working properly, you literally need to keep it well oiled. It's important that the  pump always have grease

For heavy users we recommend turning the grease piston every week to keep grease on the pump. When the screw is all the way in, you need more grease. We sell the Birchmeier Grease at, simply glob some into the area and screw back in the piston. We sell this and many other  Birchmeier Backpack sprayer accessories at, visit us today.

Watch the video or read the transcript below:

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess of As you probably know, we're big fans of the Birchmeier Backpack. We think it's the best backpack built. We want to talk about an important maintenance issue, which is keeping your backpack well‑lubricated.

The backpack has a grease reservoir here at the bottom, and this needs to be filled with grease. What that does is when you pump ‑‑ keeping the backpack greased ‑‑ it keeps the pump cylinder greased so that everything works properly.

What we recommend is every week, if you're a heavy user, give the grease piston ‑‑ this little ring ‑‑ give it a half a turn to apply grease. When the grease piston is all the way in that means you're out of grease. You need to take it off and put some more grease in there.

We offer the actual Birchmeier grease, just take your finger and slobber it in there. You want to keep you backpack well‑lubricated for many years of great support and service.

Thanks so much for watching. Come see us at Have a great day.