Birchmeier Backpacks - Lubrication is Critical

Birchmeier Backpacks - Lubrication is Critical

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 23, 2010

Want your Birchmeier Backpack to last?  Keep it well lubricated.  There is a grease reservoir that holds the grease and a grease cap (piston) that applies the grease to the pump unit.  Turn the grease cap a half turn once a week or so to keep the Birchmeier lubricated.  Failure to do so will damage the backpack.  One sign of inadequate lubrication, is that the backpack is difficult to pump.

We have seen several backpacks that were still in the warranty period, but where the metal frame had snapped at the tab that attaches the frame to the backpack.  Birchmeier has refused to warranty these issues, stating that the units were inadequately lubricated.

Click on the following link for the Birchmeier grease specifically for the Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers. 

Check out this short video on keeping your Birchmeier well-greased.