​Birchmeier Sprayers - Quality, Durability, Dependability

​Birchmeier Sprayers - Quality, Durability, Dependability

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 7, 2022

Qspray carries the best products for pest control and weed control professionals. We carry a full line of pest control products from Birchmeier, one of the most respected names in the pest control equipment industry.

Birchmeier’s backpack sprayers make up some of the best manual equipment on the market, and they are designed for years of reliable operation with regular maintenance.

We stock several of Birchmeier’s backpack sprayers such as the 10K Flox, 15K Iris, and the 20K Senior. While each model stores different liquid quantities, each Birchmeier sprayer provides the same dependable operational capabilities! We also carry the DR-5 Duster for voids, and the BCS Closed System backpack sprayer, which allows you to use pre-mixed chemicals easily. 

Birchmeier Quality Backpack Sprayers

Learn a little more about Birchmeier backpack sprayers: 

Birchmeier Quality Backpack Sprayers

Birchmeier Backbacks have been built with exceptional quality for the demanding professional. They are undeniably the most reliable professional backpack sprayer on the market. Each professional sprayer backpack has a stainless steel frame, impact-resistant plastic tanks, with an external pump. With the external pump, there are less issues with spraying liquid. The Birchmeier backpacks are simple to use every day and are problem-free due to their expert craftsmanship.

Qspray is home to only the highest quality pest control equipment. That’s why we carry Birchmeier backpack sprayers. Order only the best today at QSpray.

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers - Best in the Business

Birchmeier makes the best backpack sprayer in the business. It is backed by a 2-year warranty. In my experience, if properly maintained and serviced, it can provide many years of service.

There are a number of easy steps you can take to extend the life of your backpack.

Tip #1 - Always take the pressure off your Birchmeier backpack. Never store the sprayer under pressure. Release the pressure when the job or stop is complete. This will extend the life of gaskets and o-rings.

If you would like a complete list of ideas to get more life from your pest (or weed) control backpack sprayer, post a comment or visit

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers - Live Long & Prosper

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers are great backpack or knapsack style sprayers for pest control & weed control. They cost more than most other sprayers, but it you take care of them, they are well worth the investment.

We have seen a number of abused Birchmeier Backpacks that were not properly cared for. Here are some easy tips to get more life, less downtime and better productivity with your Birchmeier.

1. Check the filters. Check & clean filters in handle and lid.


2. Clean it out. Periodically clean out tank with clean water. Run clean water through Birchmeier backpack to clear lines.

3. Watch the Pressure. Don't overpressurize (over pump) your Birchmeier. You will damage it. Let the pressure off when done. Do NOT store the backpack sprayer under pressure. This will reduce the life of hoses, fittings, o-rings, etc.

4. Lubrication. Keep the Birchmeier well lubricated by giving the grease piston a half turn. Refill the grease reservoir when empty.

5. Preventative Maintenance. Clean and service your Birchmeier regularly to prevent serious failures and expensive repairs. When you have the sprayer apart for service, give individual parts a good cleaning.

New Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayers & Parts - Available Now

Qspray is pleased to offer the new Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayers.

The Birchmeier 4 Gallon 15 Liter Iris and the Birchmeier 2.5 Gallon 10 Liter Flox are now available in the new style.

The new backpacks feature a number of improvements and enhancements.

The biggest improvement is that the Birchmeier Backpack pump handle is now reversible. It can be installed on either side of the backpack so now you can pump with either your left or your right hand.

The Birchmeier AT3 straps are now padded for extra comfort and new accessories such as the Birchmeier Waist & Chest Strap are available to make your backpack even easier to carry.

Qspray is pleased to stock all your Birchmeier parts, for both old and new style backpacks. Quite a few of the parts on the new backpacks are different than the parts on the old backpacks.

Qspray always views it as our responsibility to stock the parts you need, to keep you operating and productive.

We created a new category for your Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayer parts.

The Birchmeier Closed System Sprayer

The Birchmeier Closed System, or BCS, is a great product for landscapers who use a variety of different products every day. If your team frequently changes products, it will save them from having to clean out their backpack. It's very similar to a regular Birchmeier except the tank is cut, and you have a separate 2.5 gallon jug in here.

Simply remove the connection, put a separate pre‑mixed jug of whatever material you want to use, and then switch your products easily without having to clean out your backpack. It is that easy!

What are the Birchmeier Top 10 Productivity Secrets?

Do you love your Birchmeier backpack sprayer? These sprayers are one of our favorites here at Qspray, and I want to share some tips for you to get the most out of your Birchmeier sprayer.

These are my top 10 Productivity Secrets for your Birchmeier backpacks. Most of these productivity secrets are completely avoidable! Check out how to find these tips in this video.

Crazy Things We See in Equipment Repairs

At QSpray we not only build and sell pest and lawn control spray equipment, but we service it too. All kinds of repairs come in to our shop from the standard clean and tune ups, to cases like this melted Birchmeier Backpack sprayer. Expensive and time-consuming accidents like these can be prevented with simple checks to ensure proper care and storage of equipment.

In this instance, the technician left the backpack sprayer right behind the exhaust of the power sprayer engine. As you can imagine, and see, the exhaust was hot and melted the plastic of the sprayer. The chemical product leaked out, all over the back of the tech's truck and he had to come over to our offices, purchase a new sprayer and then go back to the job. It was an expensive lesson for one that you can learn from too. Be sure where you are placing your equipment in safe and secure locations, where they won't spill, get damaged/dented or melt!

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers - Pay Attention!

Birchmeier backpacks are great pieces of equipment, but a little attention is required. I'd like to share a story about an abused backpack.

Customer came into the shop and purchased a new Birchmeier 15K Iris backpack (4 gallon).birchmeier clogged by hose gasket

Within a week he was calling telling us there was a problem with his backpack. It was too hard to pump up and wasn't spraying very well.

We tried helping him troubleshoot it over the phone. He called back the next week. He was still having problems and he was pissed off that we had sold him a piece of junk. We told him Birchmeier makes a great product and to bring it in. He was too busy to bring it in.

A couple of weeks later he finally brought the Birchmeier Iris in for us to review. We spent time checking all the usual suspects: filters, check valve, etc. Finally, we found the problem (photo)

Birchmeier backpack sprayers and replacements parts are sure to add even more convenience and extra functionality to your array of pest control equipment. Find all your Birchmeier sprayers and parts at