New Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayers & Parts - Available Now

New Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayers & Parts - Available Now

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 20, 2019

Qspray is pleased to offer the new Birchmeier AT3 Backpack Sprayers.

The Birchmeier 4 Gallon 15 Liter Iris and the Birchmeier 2.5 Gallon 10 Liter Flox are now available in the new style.

Birchmeier AT3 Backpack sprayer

The new backpacks feature a number of improvements and enhancements.

The biggest improvement is that the Birchmeier Backpack pump handle is now reversible.  It can be installed on either side of the backpack so now you can pump with either your left or your right hand.

The Birchmeier AT3 straps are now padded for extra comfort and new accessories such as the Birchmeier Waist & Chest Strap are available to make your backpack even easier to carry.

Qspray is pleased to stock all your Birchmeier parts, for both old and new style backpacks.  Quite a few of the parts on the new backpacks are different than the parts on the old backpacks.

Qspray always views it as our responsibility to stock the parts you need, to keep you operating and productive.

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