Best Birchmeier Sprayer Accessories

Best Birchmeier Sprayer Accessories

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 7, 2022

Birchmeier pest control products are one of the most respected names in the pest control equipment industry. is proud to carry Birchmeier sprayers. We feel that Birchmeier makes some of the best manual equipment on the market, and they are designed for years of reliable operation with regular maintenance.

Birchmeier also offers a wide range of accessories to enhance and extend the use of your sprayer. Learn more about some of the Birchmeier sprayer accessories here:

Birchmeier: Multiple Tips - Multiple Purposes

We here at Quality Spray & Equipment [] think that a piece of equipment should serve multiple purposes. The Birchmeier Backpack sprayer is a great example of a multipurpose equipment that you can easily and quickly switch out the sprayer valves and also the tips to spread pesticides or weed killers in different applications: adjustable cone tip, fan, etc. There are a hundred different Birchmeier tips to choose from that will work best for the jobs you need to accomplish. At we carry all the tips and all repair parts, sprayers and kits should you ever need them for your Birchmeier backpack sprayer.

The Birchmeier Spray Shield

Andrew Greess, at, shows why having a Birchmeier Spray Shield can be helpful to lawn control specialists. It's a simple idea with simple execution, but when on the job it's important to protect the clients valued plants. You are there to spray and kill the weeds and unwanted foliage. You might be trying to be as careful as possible and still end up spraying some of the chemicals onto the prize rose bushes.

The Birchmeier Spray shield funnels the spray into the direction that you want and only that direction. There won't be accidental misting of the Oleander they want to keep when spraying the weeds growing around the plant. Simply screw the Spray Shield onto the Birchmeier spray gun and your technician is ready to get to work. Visit for more Birchmeier accessories today.

Birchmeier Quality: Backpack Spray Wand

Qspray is proud to carry the highest quality lawn and pest control equipment available. We are proud to carry all Birchmeier backpacks, parts and repair kits available as well. The first place the quality offered in the Birchmeier line is obvious is the spray wand. Made of solid brass, it is completely rebuildable and easy to service.

Birchmeier is made with top craftsmanship and made to have parts replaced when needed without having to throw the whole wand away. Birchmeier offers a two-year manufacturer's warranty, the only one in the industry. Here at Qspray, we stand by the Birchmeier quality.

The Birchmeier Four Tip Boom — Learn More Today

We have an exciting new accessory for the Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers. If you are in the commercial landscaping or lawn/garden business you'll want to take a second look at this Four Tip Boom sprayer. Simply detach the wand from your Birchmeier backpack sprayer system and attach the boom. Designed to cover a much wider area with herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer that is being applied and with some luck cutting down labor time. To see what other accessories and repair parts that we have available for your Birchmeier Backpack sprayer visit

The Birchmeier 6ft Brass Extension Wand

Pests get into every nook and cranny. To get at the hard to reach areas, we carry the Birchmeier 6' brass extension wand. Simply detach your standard spray wand and remove the tip. Add the tip to the extension wand and attach that to your backpack sprayer gun's valve. Loosen the nut to extend the wand and you've instantly added 6 feet distance to your Birchmeier backpack sprayer. This allows you to safely reach higher heights without use of a ladder or even helps you reach foundation walls if there is thick brush or some obstacle in the way. Visit, we carry all the repair kits and replacement parts you may need for your Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer.

Best Birchmeier Accessories - Backpack Storage Security Rack

At QSpray we know how important and expensive lawn & pest control equipment can be. So we created the Birchmeier Backpack Security Rack. With easy to assemble instructions this small rack will give you added security on your work truck. Made from durable, quality aluminum this will give your equipment a secure place to store it on lunch breaks and while driving around on the work trucks to the job site.

There is hold to place a lock and keep the unit secure however, this is not Fort Knox, provided with ample time and the right tools, access can be garnered. We want to help you protect your equipment and care for it correctly. We know that having it sliding around the bed of a truck isn't what anyone wants, which is why we made the Security Rack. Find this and other helpful Birchmeier accessories at

Birchmeier 6ft Brass Extension Wand

The Birchmeier 6 foot brass extension wand is a great addition to have in your arsenal of Birchmeier accessories. Particularly popular with our pest control clients, many find this extension wand to be helpful for safely reaching eaves and 2 nd stories without the use of a ladder.

The solid brass wand screws in easily to the valve on any Birchmeier backpack sprayer. Simply detach the shorter spray wand, remember to remove the tip and reattach to the 6ft spray wand. It works just like the shorter wand models, only sliding the wand forward adds the needed length to get those hard-to-reach corners.

Visit to see this and other Birchmeier backpack sprayer accessories that we carry.

Qspray is the spray equipment expert. When we claim that Birchmeier sprayer backpacks are the best, we aren’t just giving you a sales pitch. These backpacks really do perform the best for serious pest control professionals. Keep checking back on our new Birchmeier products to see what kind of parts and products are currently available in the industry. We strive to provide a high-quality inventory of performance-grade products that improve your pest-fighting ability, and keep up with the latest industry technologies. Our Birchmeier backpack sprayer parts and products are easy to navigate, so feel free to browse our inventory or contact us if you have any questions. Order the pest control products you need today!