Best Birchmeier Accessories - Backpack Storage Security Rack

Best Birchmeier Accessories - Backpack Storage Security Rack

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 12, 2016

At QSpray we know how important and expensive lawn & pest control equipment can be. So we created the  Birchmeier Backpack Security Rack. With easy to assemble instructions this small rack will give you added security on your work truck. Made from durable, quality aluminum this will give your equipment a secure place to store it on lunch breaks and while driving around on the work trucks to the job site. 

There is hold to place a lock and keep the unit secure however, this is not Fort Knox, provided with ample time and the right tools, access can be garnered. We want to help you protect your equipment and care for it correctly. We know that having it sliding around the bed of a truck isn't what anyone wants, which is why we made the Security Rack. Find this and other  helpful Birchmeier accessories at

Watch the video and/or read the transcript below:

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew with Today, I'm talking about our Birchmeier backpack security rack. Your Birchmeier backpack, as you've probably heard me say before, is a terrific piece of equipment. It's a great tool to help you do your jobs efficiently and effectively, but they're not inexpensive. They need to be protected.

We've created this Birchmeier security rack. It's made out of high quality aluminum. It will help protect your backpack from, A, someone running by and grabbing it or B, from it rolling around in the truck and getting damaged. The way it works is, it does require some assembly. There are two side pieces that bolt together on each side and then a top and a bottom.

We send you all the hardware, but you're going to have to put it together. We've got some really good instructions. You put your backpack in the frame. You stick your spray wand up through the hole which has a grommet. Then with your own lock, we don't include a lock, just put a lock through the hole right here, and that will protect your backpack.

Now, it's really important to understand this will prevent someone from grabbing your backpack and running. It will protect your backpack if you're behind a house spraying or you're having lunch at McDonald's. It will not stop someone who's got full set of tools and plenty of time to work. It's not Fort Knox, but it will do a great job of protecting your investment.

Come see the Birchmeier security rack at, and thanks for watching.