Birchmeier 6ft Brass Extension Wand

Birchmeier 6ft Brass Extension Wand

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 22, 2016

The Birchmeier 6 foot brass extension wand is a great addition to have in your arsenal of Birchmeier accessories. Particularly popular with our pest control clients, many find this extension wand to be helpful for safely reaching eaves and 2 nd stories without the use of a ladder. 

The solid brass wand screws in easily to the valve on any Birchmeier backpack sprayer. Simply detach the shorter spray wand, remember to remove the tip and reattach to the  6ft spray wand. It works just like the shorter wand models, only sliding the wand forward adds the needed length to get those hard to reach corners.

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Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess from Today, I'm talking about one of our really popular Birchmeier accessories, the six foot brass extension. We sell a lot of these, but they seem to be particularly popular with pest control professionals who have to reach eaves, or second floor windows, and get to spray up to hard to reach areas.

It's real simple to use. All you do is remove the wand from your regular Birchmeier spray valve, so this fits any Birchmeier red sprayer. Screw this spray valve on to the brass extension. We're going to take the tip off your regular extension. Put your tip on the end of this, and you're ready to go.

It just works like a regular Birchmeier spray valve, except you can extended it up to six feet, and reach those hard to reach areas. It's a great tool. I think you'll really get a lot of value out of it, it will boost your productivity. See it at, and thanks so much for watching.