Birchmeier 10600201V Valve Repair Kit

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Birchmeier 10600201 Valve Repair Kit - Viton


IMPORTANT NOTE: This part fits only the old style Birchmeier Backpacks. It does NOT fit the AT-style backpacks.


This is the Viton kit. The regular kit is no longer available.  This kit works for both pest and landscape applications.


About This Birchmeier Valve Kit

After repeated use, the valve on your spray gun will wear out. When this happens, the gun will begin to drip, costing you money and creating a mess. The Birchmeier Valve Kit from provides an easy fix.

Birchmeier Repair Kit for backpack spray valve (gun). When your Birchmeier spray valve (gun) starts dripping, it is time to rebuild it with this repair kit. For herbicide & landscape applications, the Viton Valve Kit is recommended. Select "Viton Kit" option.


Minimize Costs

We provide affordable, reliable replacement parts that allow you to keep your spray gun in service. Replacement is a straightforward process we’re happy to help you with. With the help of this Birchmeier Valve Kit, you can operate your equipment longer.


Download Resources:

Birchmeier Backpack Parts Breakdown

Options for Every Professional

If you work with herbicide or landscape applications, we recommend using the Viton Kit. Otherwise, the standard option should be the perfect replacement for your system, getting you back up and running quickly. If you have questions about the kit, reach us through our contact page.

The Birchmeier Valve Kit from offers a simple, smart way to keep your equipment running smoothly. Get yours today.


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Product Videos

Birchmeier Spray Valve Repair Kit 10600201 01:14 Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers are top of the line quality but nothing lasts forever without maintenance. We have pre-assembled kits that help for various areas of the sprayer that need regular care and o-rings that wear out with use and products. This kit contains a number of important items. It contains the strainer, or filter, that goes in the handle. It contains the steel valve that shuts the flow of material off and on. It contains the packing that helps the valve shut off the flow. For landscapers we also carry the kit with Viton gaskets that will last longer against the harsher products used. Before your sprayer starts leaking on your hands or customers homes, we recommend annual replacement of the spray valve, get yours at Qspray.

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