Termite Super Foamer

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Termite Super Foamer – new and only from Quality Equipment & Spray.

termite sprayer super foamer 2012

Termite Super Foamer (click)

Truck Mounted Super Foamer Includes:

  • 115 V Air Compressor
  • 115 V Shurflo Pump & Motor
  • 25 Gallon Chemical Tank
  • Cox Hose Reel – 2 lines: water, air
  • Custom foam gun – adjustable air/water mix to make wet or dry foam

Truck Mounted Termite Super FoamerThis video shows each of the components of the super foamer: air compressor, shurflo pump, Cox hose reel, adjustable foam gun.

Super Foamer GunOur Super Foamer Gun has dual controls for air and liquid allowing the technician to easily custom design the foam: from light & dry to heavy & wet termiticide foam.

Super Foamer in ActionThis video shows foam being injected into a plexiglass wall assembly to demonstrate the action of the termite foam within a wall void.


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(Super Foamer ranges from $4000-$7000 depending on options, configuration, etc.  Your increase in productivity will pay this back the first month!)