Sales Tax on

A quick explanation of sales tax on             


We are required to collect sales tax on all orders shipped to Arizona, where we are located.

We are also required to collect sales tax on orders shipping to states where we have an economic nexus.  You can google this to find out more, but basically it is an accounting fiction created by states to collect tax on orders shipped into their state. 

Each state has its own rules on what creates economic nexus, but basically it is based on number of orders or dollar value of sales into that state.

Qspray is currently requited to collect sales tax in a number of states.  I am not going to list them here because I do not want to have to update this post.

You will know if we are required to collect sales tax on your order if your order shows an amount for sales tax.  If we are not required to collect tax, your order will show a $0 amount for sales tax in your state.

If you are tax-exempt, please CALL US BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.   (See contact info below). 

This will allow us to manually create your order without sales tax.  We will need a copy of your tax exemption in order to do this.


If you are tax-exempt, but have already placed your order and have been billed sales tax, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.  If you can get us your sales tax exemption within 2 business days of your order AND in the same month as your order, we should be able to credit you back the sales tax.  If you wait more then 2 business days, it is unlikely we will be able to issue a sales tax refund.


Sales tax contact:  Paul N.  ‭(602) 293-3240