Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 ULV Fogger Backpack

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The B&G Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 ULV Fogger Backpack sets the standard in efficient and effective fogging. As the best ULV backpack applicator in the world, the Twister™ XL3 outshines its competitors with unmatched flow rates and droplet precision. Designed for comfort and prolonged use, this backpack fogger is the go-to tool for mosquito and insect control – as well as applying disinfectants to large areas. Enjoy exceptional value, durability, and performance with one of the best backpack foggers on the market today.

Key Features of the Twister™ XL3 ULV Fogger Backpack

  • High-Efficiency Nozzle and Blower System: Delivers the best flow rates and droplet size control in its class.
  • Optimized for ULV Droplets: Produces 90% of droplets under 20 microns at low flow rates, ideal for effective pest control.
  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and compact, reducing operator fatigue during extended use.
  • Patented Microtec™ Nozzle Technology: Ensures superior droplet formation for precise application.
  • Adjustable Flow Rates: Features a quick change orifice system for customized droplet sizes, perfect for both aerial and residual spraying.
  • Durable Construction: This backpack mosquito fogger is built to last, offering great value through its robustness and longevity.
  • Quick Change Orifice System: Enables easy adjustment of flow rates to produce larger droplets, perfect for creating residual deposits on surfaces like vegetation and walls, enhancing barrier spraying effectiveness against mosquitoes and flies.

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Discover the ultimate solution for your mosquito and insect control needs with the Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 ULV Fogger Backpack. Don’t let pests dominate your environment; take charge with this top-of-the-line backpack mosquito fogger. Visit to place your order and explore more pest control equipment designed to provide unparalleled efficiency and business continuity in pest management operations.


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Download Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 support documentation (PDFs):

CDF Twister XL3 Sales Sheet

CDF Twister XL3 Technical Report

CDF Twister XL3 Manual (This is a large PDF)

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Curtis Dyna Fog Universal Flushing Solution will protect your investment, clean your unit, reduce service issues, and ensure proper flow rate and results. Order Now!

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Twister XL-3

Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 ULV Fogger Backpack

Curtis Dyna-Fog Twister XL3-39750 ULV Fogger Backpack

MODEL: BG 39750


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