Weed Control Sprayers - Don't Wait for Problems

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 26, 2016

Customer brought a  weed control sprayer in for service.  We noticed a a feeder hose was in really poor shape: cut, worn, dinged, etc.   This was a chemical spill waiting to happen.  We recommended, and they agreed, that we should replace this hose BEFORE a weed chemical spill inevitably occurs.

feeder hose problem

A couple of thoughts:

- do preventative maintenance of  weed sprayers annual during slow periods to prevent problems

- inspect  weed spray rigs regularly to identify issues before problems occur

- train technicians to inspect rigs and proactively prevent problems

- most techs & supervisors pay attention to major components such as engine, pump, reel but often overlook small inexpensive parts that can cause big problems

- check weed spray hoses (spray hose, suction hoses, pressure hoses) to make sure they are not rubbing or vibrating against other parts, or hot parts that will damage the hoses