Weed Control Sprayer - Think Productivity Not Just Price

Weed Control Sprayer - Think Productivity Not Just Price

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 12, 2017

This is a  weed control sprayer we built for a utility back east.  It is 225 gallon, skid-mount with Honda engine, Hypro roller pump and dual Cox Hose reels.  ']The utility wanted to have two techs spraying utility right of ways at the same time, so they requested 2 hose reels.  This was smart thinking on their part.

Weed Control spray rigWEED CONTROL SPRAY RIG

Sure this  weed spray rig costs more than a single reel.  However, the Client realized that they only buy the weed sprayer once.  They pay for productivity every day.

I bet they made their money back on this sprayer the first month.         

Here is the side view.

We used an 8-roller pump to make sure there was enough output to drive both reels at the same time.

The rig was designed to fit in their full sized pickup.

It is also designed for easy maintenance.  Pump, motor and reels are easily accessible for maintenance.  The motor mount is raised so it easy to change the oil without spilling oil all over the vehicle or removing the  weed spray rig from the vehicle.

Reminder: When selecting your weed control spray rig, be sure to think about what it will be like to use it every day.  Will the sprayer support productivity or hinder it?  Will it be easy (i.e., fast) to do maintenance or difficult (slow = expensive)?  Don't wait until you've already made your purchase decision to think about productivity and maintenance.

If you are thinking about purchasing a  weed control sprayer, please contact us.