Urban Desert Pest Control - Great Service & Great Marketing

Urban Desert Pest Control - Great Service & Great Marketing

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 26, 2017

Congratulations to Brad Olson & Urban Desert Pest Control for getting great TV coverage and appearing on Channel 3 & 5 in Phoenix for professional pest control advice on rodents.  Click here to view the segment.

Brad and his family recently moved to AZ and in a couple of years has built a successful, growing pest control business. Urban Desert does a great job on both the service side and the marketing side, as proven by Brad showing up on the evening news so quickly after arriving in AZ.

Quality Equipment/Qspray is pleased to call Brad & Urban Desert our customer and our friend. We have built all of his pest control spray rigs for him. His first spray rig, which Brad himself designed, was particularly interesting.  

Brad had the truck covered in wood grain which is a real attention-grabber. He has a cover over his truck bed, which is designed to protect his equipment but which also makes the vehicle pop when in traffic. Olson has since moved the sprayer to a custom trailer with cover which is even more attention-getting. The sprayer is a 50 gallon sprayer with Honda engine, Maruyama piston pump and Cox reel on swivel assembly. The swivel is really cool and allows 180 degree access. Check out this video:  

If you are interested in a sprayer like this one or have your own design in mind, click link to get a custom power sprayer quote