Termite Pretreat Rigs - Back from the Dead

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 8, 2016

Before the crash we were building a couple of big  Termite Pretreat Spray Rigs every month.  Then the housing crash happened and that business disappeared.

I am happy to say the pretreat business is looking up.  A customer of ours just ordered two 1000 Gallon Termite Pretreat Spray Rigs.  I have included some photos and specs.  

Termite Pretreat Spray Rig

This  Termite Control Sprayer includes:

  - 1000 Gallon Poly Leg Tank

  - Honda 9 HP Engine

  - Hypro Centrifugal Pump

  - Cox Electric Hose Reel

  - 300' 1" chemical spray hose

  - Digital flow meter

  - 2" hydrant fill with cam fitting at side of bed

Termite Spray Rig

Customer ordered it through their vehicle leasing company so the cost of the sprayers is added to the lease payment and expensed immediately rather than capitalized and depreciated

Termite Pretreat Sprayer2" hydrant fill brought to side of truck bed for easy fill by fiire hydrant.  With 1" spray hose we always recommend an electric hose reel because the hose is heavy.

We also think a  digital flow meter is a good idea for termite pretreat applications.  The flowmeter helps control chemical cost and also provides great support if you ever stopped or investigated by the State regulatory body, i.e., Department of Ag.   We recommend putting the flow meter on quick disconnects so it can be stowed securely.  They are expensive and you don't want to leave it out on the truck.  

Digital flow meter termite

If you have any questions about Termite Pretreat Rigs or any Termite Control Sprayer,  please contact us.