Termite Control Sprayer - How to Spend Money to Make Money

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 25, 2012

termite sprayer super foamer 2012

Termite Control Sprayer we build for 5-Star Termite, Tucson, AZ.  This termite sprayer is more elaborate (and expensive) than your typical termite equipment.

The client does a lot of wall void foaming to eliminate subterranean termites prevalent in AZ.  The off the shelf foamers weren't powerful enough to do the job.  We built this termite super foamer spray rig to solve the Client's problem.

This termite super foamer spray rig contains the standard termite spray rig components (100 gallon tank, Honda engine, roller pump, hose reel, etc.).

In addition, we added a 110 Volt air compressor, 25 gallon foam solution tank and a dual hose (air & water) reel to apply the foam.

The termite super foamer gets the termite foam job done is much less time than off the shelf foamers.  The client gets more product on the termites faster, for huge productivity boosts and no callbacks.

This client realized that when it comes to termite control sprayers, it is worth spending a little more upfront to get EXACTLY what you need and save money on every job.