Spray Equipment Tips - Clean Out Sprayer Tank for Better Productivity

Spray Equipment Tips - Clean Out Sprayer Tank for Better Productivity

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 27, 2018

Spray Equipment Video Tips #1 - Clean Out That Tank for Easy Productivity

This is a new feature. Quick video tips to help you with your landscape, weed control and pest control spray equipment.

We want to help you:

- Reduce Spray Equipment Downtime

- Boost Spray Equipment Productivity

- Extend Spray Equipment Life

- Improve Spray Equipment Safety

This first video tip deals with cleaning out the tank of your power sprayer or backpack sprayer.

Here is a previous blog post on this topic with a little more information on cleaning out your sprayer tank:

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Andrew Greess: Hello, this is Andrew Greess, with what I hope is the first of many short tips to help you extend the life of your spray equipment, boost productivity for you and your company, and reduce equipment problems.

The first thing I want to talk about is cleaning out your tank. This is a great picture. This is the picture of the inside of a power sprayer tank. The tech came and told us that his sprayer wasn't working. After a little investigation, we were able to get some chemical out of the tank and saw that all this debris is in the tank.

I can't tell what that it is. It looks like it's either paper towel or plastic bags or something. Sometimes techs think that because there's a hole in the top of the tank, that's where trash goes.

This is the sort of thing that is unnecessary downtime and possible damage to your pump. If you run your pump dry in this situation, you could destroy your pump. Periodically check your tank, clean it out, run clean water through it. This is a power sprayer example.

Here's a manual sprayer. This is a Birchmeier backpack. We're big fans of the Birchmeier backpack. This shows a Birchmeier backpack. You can see that white on the bottom of the tank is chemical build-up. Eventually, that chemical build-up's going to break free and cause problems.

Now, on a backpack, you can do things like clog fittings, clog the filter, or clog the tips. All those things cause downtime. They all cost you money. You don't want to do that. Periodically check your equipment, whether it's power sprayers, backpack sprayers, or hand sprayers like B&Gs. You will avoid lots of problems.

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