Clean Out That Tank To Prevent Problems

Clean Out That Tank To Prevent Problems

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 9, 2014

Perioidically clean out your B&G Sprayer, Birchmeier Sprayer & Power Sprayer tank to prevent problems. Here are some thoughts for cleaning out your tank:

  • Get the tank as empty as possible without running your pump dry.
  • Fill the tank with clean water and run it through your system. Remove the spray gun so it does not get clogged. Periodically check the filter to be sure it does not clog.  Be sure to follow all applicable laws when dealing with the rinsate.  If you do not have a good place to spray out the rinsate, spray it into another tank on a different truck. Birchmeier_275tptype
  • Add clean water to the tank. Do not fill the tank.  Add just enough water to feed the pump and fill the hose.  We want most of the tank to be visible.  Turn up the pressure on your system and use your spray gun pressure wash the inside of the tank.  Add more water then spray out this rinsate as above.
  • Fill your tank with water and add tank cleaner. Tank cleaner is available from your pest control products supplier.  Most of these products use 1 pound of tank cleaner per 100 gallons of tank volume. Put the spray hose end into your tank and let the system just circulate the tank cleaner per the label directions.  This will remove any remaining chemical residue. Properly dispose of the tank cleaner rinsate.
  • Run another tank of clean water through the system to remove any remaining tank cleaner.
  • There may be debris remaining in the tank after you have finished the cleanout. This could be stones, bottle caps, etc.  Manually remove this debris so it doesn’t end causing problems later.  If the filter is at the low point in the system, it might be easiest to remove the filter then use a garden hose to wash debris out of the tank then out through the filter.
  • Finally, check and clean your filter to ensure it is debris-free and ready for your busy season.