Space Saving Power Sprayer Tank Design

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 25, 2013

Check out our great new fiberglass tank design for power sprayers: pest control sprayers & weed sprayers.

space saver power sprayer tankFeatures & Benefits:

- Can be configured as a 100 gallon tank with baffle or twin 50 gallon tanks.

- Compact space-saving tank design allows room for more equipment.

- Heavy duty flange bolts directly to truck bed. No steel frame is required.

- Heavy duty fiberglass tank works great for pest & weed control application.

- Works with both 12-volt electric & gas powered pumps.

- 12 Volt pumps can be bolted directly to top of tank.

- Unique seamless body design, eliminated the traditional fiberglass tank problem of leaks at seams.

We envision this tank working great for pest control & termite control professionals that need 2 different materials on the vehicle. It will also work great for landscapers and weed control professionals that want both pre-emergent & post-emergent products on the truck.

The tank can be used with gas powered sprayers or 12-volt electric spray pumps.

We put a lot of thought and research into this tank. A design feature we think will have great value is that the tank seal is at the top of the tank. Most fiberglass tanks seal at teh middle of the tank. Eventually this seal leaks. After years of use, it is impossible to re-seal the tank at the middle because the inside of the tank can't hold a new fiberglass seal.

By sealing the tank at the top, the seal will be exposed to chemical a lot less. If the tank ever needs to be resealed, it can be done with a quality silicone sealant.

We designed the tank to fit between the wheel wells of ANY full size pickup truck.

We also designed the tank to be low profile - it will not block your view in your rear view mirror.

We would appreciate your comments. Thanks.