Some Pest Control Equipment Problems Are Avoidable

Some Pest Control Equipment Problems Are Avoidable

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 5, 2017

Pest control sprayers & pest control equipment requires care and attention so it works well day after day.  A lot of the problems we see in our pest control equipment repair shop are completely avoidable.  Pest control technicians must be trained to identify and report pest control sprayer problems rather than living with them.

This photo shows how technicians have ignored an obvious problem.pest control equipment problems

The pest control spray hose was allowed to rub against the side rail (in this case a camper shell). In addition to damaging the vehicle, the hose is significantly worn.

Eventually this hose will leak causing a chemical spill, downtime and unnecessary expenses.

Suggestions for your company:

- Technicians need to identify and report spray equipment problems such as this.

- Supervisors and owners should perform truck equipment inspections

- Supervisors and owners should provide regular continuing education to ensure technicians understand how to properly operate equipment.  Don't assume because you told then how to do it on their first day of work they are still doing it that way.

- Ensure techs know it is their responsibility to identify and report problems before the problems hurt the business.  The longer it takes to report an issue, the worse the problem gets.  This means more money and more downtime to correct.

- In this specific example, hose reel roller guides might help protect the vehicle.